7 Great Tools for Everyone in Need of Writing Help

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Writing in English seems natural and comfortable for most English speakers (though not all of them!). But for a non-native speaker, the task of packing your ideas into words often gets too complicated and unmanageable. The alien sentence structure, hidden connotations of individual words – all these challenges often hinder your ability to communicate. 

But we have bad news – you’ll need to get better at writing anyway. Experts of mba assignment help strongly recommend working on your writing style as it is your strategic advantage at school and later on at college and work. So, let’s be patient and diligent, working through the writing challenge with the seven top-recommended online tools. 

BBC Learning English 

Though BBB Learning English is primarily a resource with useful video content on studying English, many educational resources are specifically dedicated to certain language aspects. Accordingly, you can choose videos on grammar, vocabulary improvement, pronunciation, etc., working on the weak points and strengthening your overall command of English. 

Watching videos gives you a natural feel of the language. Moreover, it fosters memorization and helps you expand the vocabulary quickly. 


Learning separate words by heart is a long-forgotten tactic that proved ineffective and boring. Today, students learn much better by associating target words with other vocabulary items of situations. VisuWords is a great helper in this regard, offering English vocabulary material in an easily understandable, associative format. 

Using the tool is real fun as you can contribute to the learning process with your imagination and visual memory. Type the word of interest in the tab on the screen and see what the program does with it. You’ll enjoy the interactive process for sure! 


Grammarly is a groundbreaking product on the market of spellcheckers and anti-plagiarism tools. Initially developed as a program for plagiarism detection and style/grammar improvement, Grammarly has grown to become a vibrant platform with thousands of users and a strong focus on written English excellence. 

Grammarly can spot over 200 types of errors, offering you more suitable synonym replacements and working on your syntax. Moreover, its plugin can be installed in Google Chrome, your mailbox, and even your smartphone, correcting your errors whenever you need to type anything.   


FluentU is a multi-purpose English-language forum for learners, offering numerous types of learning materials and engaging content. Studying English is fun here, with many music videos, trailers, news, and host talks. Users can improve material comprehension by using the interactive subtitles in the videos. 

In addition to the abundance of video material, FluentU has an impressive database of websites, lessons, dictionaries, and lesson materials for all learning interests and goals. This platform offers everything you might need to excel in English studies. 

Student Share 

This resource is all about community work on English learning. It is a portal where students share their examples and ideas on English assignments. Therefore, you can use numerous samples and materials on the subject of interest to mimic the use of words, syntax, and grammar for creating your authentic content. 

Some users are suspicious about using other students’ materials as reference points, as students are much more prone to making errors than experienced teachers are. Notwithstanding the fact that Student Share is all about peer support, it still has some moderation enabling only the best, correctly written, and formatted works to get published. 

Purdue OWL 

Whatever you need to write and at whatever academic level you are, you’re sure to get immense value from Purdue OWL materials. It is a complete resource with writing guidelines for students, covering all existing issues and writing topics competently and thoroughly. Takemyexamonline authors always consult Purdue OWL when composing students’ assignments, ensuring that all aspects are completed in full compliance with the highest academic standards. What’s more, the website contains a separate section for international students where English rules are adjusted to the non-native speaker level, and students can work specifically on the most common non-speaker errors. 

Thesaurus is all about words, and its use is a must for everyone wishing to get a firm grasp of the vocabulary aspect of English. The resource contains diverse information, from an exhaustive explanation of the word’s meaning and contextual use to the entire variety of its synonyms, pronunciation, and connotations. Besides, the website has a useful blog with numerous English language topics covered in a user-friendly way. Thus, Thesaurus can also become your go-to source of information, saving you the time and effort when learning new words or trying to make sense of an unknown word you came across. 

Don’t Give Up! 

You may still be struggling with English, as mastering this language takes time. But don’t get in despair; even if you need to submit a couple of assignments and your writing skill is still far from excellence, you can always make use of make an essay for me help. Professional writers are eager to help you out, delivering the top-notch paper in record time to fetch you high grades. Allow experts to complete your assignments while you’re studying English – no need to postpone education because of a poor command of English. 

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