All About the Premier League Defender- Cristian Romero

Argentina’s Córdoba is home to professional soccer player Cristian Romero. that represents the Argentina national team and Tottenham Hotspur as the defender. On April 27, 1998, he was born in Córdoba, Argentina. He is Barcelona’s top player. 

You will be fully informed on Cristian Romero’s whole life, including his career in football, the several teams he played for, and everything else.

Here’s all about the Premier League Defender- Cristian Romero.

Who Is Cristian Romero?

Cristian Gabriel Romero, an Argentine footballer who plays centre-back with Tottenham Hotspur and the Argentine national team, was born on April 27, 1998. Aged 23 years old, he. He may play as an attacker or a winger. After agreeing to a five-year contract, Cristian Romero is officially a member of Tottenham Hotspur. He joins the Premier League squad at Atalanta for a reported €55 million transfer price, and will likely be the team’s most significant addition this summer. Fabio Paratici, the sporting director, who had worked previously with him at Juventus, was the driving force behind the arrangement, and their working relationship was essential to its success.

The Atalanta star became one of the most sought-after players this summer on the transfer market, and he is now one of the more expensive defenders in the Premier League’s history. His stunning long-term partner is Karen Cavaller. They have been together for many years. He has never hoped for a more capable assistant. The centre-back frequently receives assistance from Karen Cavaller on the sidelines, which gives him comfort. It makes sense that Romero wed her in 2020. The wedded spouses kissed each other after exchanging vows. Cristian Romero’s ex-girlfriend who is now his wife is 1.5 years his senior. The couples married young when they would still be in their early twenties.

Cristian’s Early Life

On April 27, 1998, Cristian Gabriel had been born in Córdoba, Argentina. The sportsman is adamant about shielding his parents’ identities from the press. What details of his history he has revealed are unknown. If he talked about his early years with his siblings, it is unknown. Since he was little, he has yearned to be a renowned football player. Unknown is Romero’s childhood. He’s not the kind to open out to his followers about his history. He must have had good manners because he may be observed watching his skilled play as a child. His net worth is 24 million dollars.

Educational Background

His parents wished for him to pursue a profession after graduating from college. They thus made sure Romero worked hard in his studies, much like his elder siblings. But he always remembered to bring his sports equipment to school. He was always conscious of the bell that announced the beginning of breaks. Romero would instantly start playing soccer with some other kids when the bell has rung.

The Football Story 

The centre-back saw the beauty and delight of capturing a national prize when his nation won the 2004 Olympics. He hopes to play professional football for Argentina one day. Romero approached his parents when he was eight years old to express his wish to play football professionally once more. His parents were taken aback by his assurance in his athletic prowess after hearing him speak. They also considered cost-free strategies to assist their kid in winning the game.

Football Career of Cristian Romero 

Since he was a little boy, Romero has been enthusiastic about playing well and succeeding. When Cristian was 8 years old, he told his parents about his desire after discovering a liking for soccer. His parents decided to do all in their power to assist him to accomplish his objectives in response to the confidence he possessed. In 2014, Cristian Romero signed a young squad, marking the beginning of his professional life.


  1. Belgrano

In 2016, the first club of Belgrano elevated him to the Argentine Primera belongs class due to his outstanding playing. He spent two seasons (19 appearances) with Belgrano’s first team.

  1. Genoa

He joined Serie A’s Genoa in July 2018. In the second game, which ended with a score of 2-2, he scored his first senior goal against Udinese.

  1. Juventus

Cristian Romero was on loan at Genoa for the remainder of the season before being acquired by Juve around July 2019 for about 6 million pounds. He had a buy option and also was transferred to Atalanta while being at Juventus from September 2020 through June 2022. Cristian Romero, a defender for Atalanta, was selected as Serie A’s top defender for the 2020–21 campaign.

  1. Tottenham Hotspur

On August 6, 2021, Cristian Romero agreed to join Tottenham Hotspur on loan by Atalanta. This came after Atalanta spent 16 million euros to trigger the purchase option. Before this, it had been communicated that Tottenham had the option of closing the transaction on his signing. With a buy option, his departure to Tottenham cost them 50 million euros.

International Career

Cristian Romero has competed for the Argentine National Squad in the U20 division during his international career. At the 2017 SA U-20 Tournament in Ecuador, he won 7 world cups. Despite not being chosen, he was summoned again for the 2017 FIFA U20 Tournament in South Korea during training. He was subsequently summoned to the U23 squad in September 2019. On Jun 3, 2021, Cristian Romero received his professional squad debut against Chile in a World Cup qualifying match. On June 8, 2021, he scored the first goal for his country against Colombia. In a professional game, his goal—which was accomplished in just 130 seconds—became the quickest goal in Argentine history. Additionally, in June 2021, Cristian Romero was named to Argentina’s 28-man roster for the 2021 Copa América.

Facts you should know 

  • Despite being owned by Juventus, Argentine soccer midfielder Cristian Romero is most recognized for his centre-defending performances with Genoa of Italy. 
  • He had been born on April 27, 1998, in Córdoba, Argentina, & raised there by himself. 
  • His age during the year 2021 is known to be 23, as determined by his birthdate. 
  • Despite having a successful career as an athlete, he stands at a respectable 6 feet 1 inch and maintains healthy body weight. He is in good shape. 
  • He has a personalised wiki-bio as a result of his notoriety and exceptional ability in the field. 
  • He was brought into the world and nurtured in Argentina, making him an Argentine citizen. 
  • Speaking about his marriage, he has been with Karen for an undisclosed amount of time, and neither of them plans to start a family anytime soon. 
  • He has kept his parents’ as well as other family members identities a secret. 
  • And finally, he has a sizable fan base on Instagram, where he has more than 833k followers.

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