Best places to stay in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the largest city of Pennsylvania, has its own place in American history. This place is famous for its wide range of attractions and the rich history that it preserves.

The name Philadelphia means the City of Brotherly Love, and that is all you can expect in this city, affection, kindness, generosity, and eternal beauty. Colloquially, the place is also referred to as Philly. What is fascinating about Philadelphia is that it was once the capital of America. Also, it was the second-largest city under the British Empire after London.

With changing times, Philadelphia has adapted itself to the change too. Although it reflects modernism, the essence of history and culture can still be found in this city. Have you been planning to visit Philly? You can check status of esta before heading out to explore the beautiful city. With the right travel documents, you can ensure that you have all the fun you need on your vacation to the U.S – without any hiccups.

But before that, take a glance at everything you should do, where you should stay, and every other fun activity when in Philadelphia.

Secret Philadelphia Places

Well, Philadelphia has a range of hidden gems or places to visit. It is said that before death, one must surely visit these places.

There are numerous hidden places in Philadelphia. Even when you have spent an entire lifetime here, there are some places that you are ought to miss out on. Do not know where to start? Here are some of the hidden treasures you should indulge yourself into exploring once you are in Philadelphia.

Morris Arboretum

This is the hub of beautiful landscapes, rare plants, and a long canopy walk that will make you fall in love with the place overall.

The Shofuso House

Fairmount Park of Philadelphia is a trendy place for its range of hidden gems. The Shofuso House is surely one such gem. This Japanese House was built in the 1950s and then shifted to Philadelphia as a tribute to Japanese culture.

Royal Izakaya

It is not easy reaching Royal Izakaya, for you will need to use your lantern. But do not forget to enjoy sake and sushi when you are here.

Penn Museum

What if you cannot see the original Egyptian Sphynx, the Penn Museum of Philadelphia houses a 15-ton Egyptian Sphynx. But that is not all; it is said that the museum houses approximately 1 million historical artifacts.

Ranstead Room

Looking forward to enjoying some cocktail, this is the perfect bar for you. Well, you need to have some general idea about speakeasy to make your spot in this place.

Although these were some destinations that deserved mention, there are others, such as the Whispering benches, Bartram’s Garden, The Rodin Museum, and The Dutch.

Airbnb in Philadelphia

If you do not want to live in posh hotels, there are a range of affordable Airbnb rentals in Philadelphia. The Carriage House from 1857 is sure to take you for a walk to the past. The Airbnb in Philadelphia range from being exclusive apartments to premium condominiums.

Well, if you are a connoisseur of art, know that there are artsy Airbnb apartments for rent as well. These Airbnb have fixed rates on a per night basis. If you book early, you will be able to get hold of special rates.

Guide to some popular Philadelphia neighborhoods

The diverse and distinct neighborhoods of Philadelphia is one of the main attractions in the city. Ranging from serene green parks to enthusiastic nightlife, the Philadelphian neighborhood has it all. It is known for its cultural attractions combined with delicacies. These places will make you want to stay here.

University City is one of the most famous Philadelphian neighborhoods with high-rise buildings. Are you talking about green parks? Do not miss out on Chestnut Hill and Rittenhouse Square. The Old City has a lot of historical mysteries to serve as well.

Romantic Hotels in Philadelphia

Traveling with your loved one to Philadelphia? Here are our top 5 favorite romantic hotels to enrich your trip.

  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • The Logan Philadelphia
  • The Westin Philadelphia
  • The Rittenhouse
  • Le Meridien Philadelphia

Places to Avoid in Philadelphia

While Philadelphia is a relatively safe city, some neighborhoods are to be avoided. These neighborhoods of the City of Brotherly Love do not speak anything of the city’s value. The crime rates are pretty high across these places. Hence, North Central, Harrow Gate, Hunting Park, Elmwood, and Allegheny West are surely some places to be avoided in Philadelphia.

Traveling to the USA

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