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Do This, and Any Woman Will Fall in Love With You

How to make a woman fall in love with you? Nowadays, there are many tips on the Web on this topic. Many of them do not always have something to do with reality, though. Life is different for everyone, but there are some ways to help you to win a girl’s heart, even if thousands of miles separate you.

Above all, you need to find out what you want. Are you ready to settle down and make your crush a life partner? Or are you just looking for a passionate affair? If your option is the second one, don’t waste your time reading this article. Better go directly to pick-up training and other controversial macho communities. Since both of them are aimed at getting quick results. While we, as well as experts of, prefer long-term prospects. So, if your goals are similar – the tips below are going to help. 

  • No matter how banal it seems – just be yourself. Do you really think people who put the mask on and pretend to be someone they are not – have a chance to be loved? We can say with confidence – women prefer those men who behave naturally?
  • Be sincere and open-minded. But this does not mean that you need to say something only to keep the conversation going. It’s significant not to lie, even in small details. Better talk about what you like about your favorite girl (you can slightly exaggerate, though). But never concentrate on her imperfections.
  • Be optimistic. You don’t need to burden your crush with your problems. So try to find a positive side in any situation. In human relations, on the contrary to the laws of Physics, plus attracts plus.
  • Be active. Females love sports – it’s an axiom. Therefore, try not to spend all your free time lying in bed. 
  • To win yourself a girl, learn to hear what she says. There are even special techniques – for example, empathic listening. According to it, you need to listen to your woman 70% of the time you spend together and only 30% – talk. 
  • Try to understand your dream lady completely. Find out what she really wants, what she enjoys. For better results, it is better to ask open-ended questions. Those for which there is no one-word answer – yes or no. However, don’t ask too many difficult questions. It should be a smooth conversation, not a job interview. 
  • Find something in common. We talk, of course, about hobbies and interests. After you get to know your woman better – ask her to teach you what she can do best. Do not be afraid to seem weak and incompetent in some matters in which she is an expert. Here, your vulnerable position will play into your hands.
  • Tell the one you are fond of about your plans and goals in life. Yes, you should definitely have something grandiose in mind! Note: girls adore guys who know what they want and are self-confident. Still, don’t do it right on the first date!
  • Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. In fact, all girls like passionate love confessions. Although, at the initial stages, just let your lady know that you like her as a woman. But you, as a self-sufficient person, in no case will run after her, stalk her, etc. To attract a girl, talk about your emotions. Say that you like to spend time with her: that you always have fun together and honestly enjoy your communication. But be careful with presents. It is to say, gifts don’t have to become something essential. Only a pleasant confirmation of the seriousness of your intentions

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