Fix Mac Bluetooth to Get Back to Work – Tips to Avoid the Panic

Bluetooth is a technology that allows users to connect to other devices. It uses radio waves to allow users to share data over short distances. When using Bluetooth, MacBook users can connect to a variety of devices. They can share data on iPods, iPhones, wearables, and TV. 

Smart Home technology uses Bluetooth to send commands across the home. A user may often experience various Bluetooth on Mac not working issues. Most of them are easy to fix on DIY within minutes. Follow these tips to fix Bluetooth issues on your Mac and get back to work.

Why is my Bluetooth not working on my Mac, and how do I fix it?

Several things affect Bluetooth connection on MacBook. The main one could be due to an upgrade of macOS or battery. The upgrades may cause your apps on Mac to become unstable. Other causes of Mac Bluetooth not working could be bugs in your apps or OS. The technical issues are not complicated, and you can fix them with ease. Even if you are not an expert, take time to read the information. Keep trying different tips until your problem gets fixed. 

Bluetooth not available

One of the main issues MacBook users might experience is Bluetooth not being available. The easiest way to fix the issue is to reboot your computer. 

  • Open Apple on your laptop
  • On the menu bar, select restart
  • After the computer restarts, reconnect your Bluetooth
  • Another method is to switch off the Bluetooth and then on
  • If it fails to work, use the reboot method. 

Disconnect all USB devices

Sometimes you might get a warning Bluetooth Mac not working. To fix the Bluetooth not working issue, you need to turn off all USB devices. You might have connected your laptop to your phone, printer, or another computer. One or all the devices might be causing the Mac Bluetooth not working issue. To fix the issue, follow these steps. 

  • Open apple
  • Click System Preferences and then Bluetooth
  • A list of all devices connected via USB will display
  • Close each device by clicking the X beside it
  • You can now restart your Mac and wait a few minutes
  • Reconnect your devices and check if the Bluetooth is working

Remove your Bluetooth preferences on Mac

Bluetooth uses various programming settings to connect to other devices. The files might get corrupted after some time and fail to execute commands properly. If that happens, you will experience connection problems with a variety of devices. The solution is to remove all your Bluetooth preferences on your computer. To find your Mac Bluetooth preferences:

  • Open Apple and then Finder
  • Click on Go ˃ Go to Folder
  • Now types the command /Library/Preferences/
  • Select Go and choose the Bluetooth preferences files. They appear something like this:
  • Create a backup of the files by dragging them to the desktop of your laptop. 
  • Return to the folder and then delete the files or drop them into the Trash folder. 

You no longer have the Bluetooth settings in your macOS. Since you have a backup copy on your computer desktop, you can reinstall them. Your systems should create a new PLIST file automatically. 

  • Log in with your password and Apple ID
  • Restart your computer. It will create a new PLIST file
  • The device should work properly

Upgrade to a higher version of macOS

You might be experiencing Bluetooth not working on Mac due to an outdated macOS. Currently, the latest version is Ventura 13. Your laptop might be using Catalina version 10.15, which was released in 2019. The version might no longer be supported by apple. This means they are no longer creating updates to the OS. 

Due to this, the OS could be unstable and cause challenges with connections. The solution is to upgrade to a newer macOS version. You may choose Big Sur, Monterey, or Ventura. If you are using the current Ventura version, you might want to downgrade. Search for information about how to upgrade or downgrade your macOS. 

Follow the step-by-step instructions, and it might help solve your problem. Even after upgrading or downgrading, keep Automatic Updates on your MacBook. It helps to keep your OS updated all the time. When the OS is up to date, you cannot experience some of the common Mac issues. 


Mac Bluetooth helps users connect their computers with a variety of devices. Sometimes users experience Bluetooth on Mac not working challenges. It is easy to fix the problems by closely following the tips provided online. The easiest way is to switch off your Bluetooth and then switch it on. Restart your laptop and wait a few seconds to switch on the Bluetooth. 

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