Lisa Marie Presley: Elvis Presley’s Daughter Who Passed Away Too Soon

Lisa Marie Presley is the daughter of the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley and popular actress and beauty icon Priscilla Presley. Lisa Marie Presley had a modestly successful music career in which she released three albums. Lisa Marie Presley tragically passed away in early 2023. In this post, we will find out more about her. Let’s get started.

Lisa Marie Presley: All You Need To Know

How did Lisa Marie Presley die?

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley died at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest. She was 54 years old. The news was confirmed by her mother, Priscilla Presley, through a statement: “It is with great regret that I must share that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left,” her mother warned hours after she posted on her Instagram account that the singer, actress and composer was admitted to a medical center. As she asked her followers to pray for her, she described her daughter as the “most passionate, courageous, and loving woman” he ever knew.” The post was accompanied by a photo of both.

How was Lisa Marie Presley’s condition before her death?

Lisa Marie Presley’s death happened unexpectedly. She attended the Golden Globes ceremony as a guest, along with her mother, for the production of the movie Elvis. Austin Butler, who played Lisa Marie Presley’s father in the biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann, took home the best actor award. During his speech, he thanked the family of the “King of Rock and Roll” for giving him the opportunity to get his most important role to date. Lisa Marie Presley was so satisfied with that incarnation that she told the media before the ceremony that what Butler had done was “incredible”, “correct” and “authentic”. And as she used to do every year on her father’s birthday, she visited Graceland,  the legendary mansion where she lived with the iconic singer until she was 4 years old (then she moved, after her parents separated).

Once the news of her death broke, information began to circulate that Lisa Marie did not look good during the awards ceremony given by the Academy of Foreign Press in Hollywood. While she was being interviewed, she warned Jerry Schilling, an old friend of her father’s who also attended the event, that she should grab his arm. While she came across as coherent, she came off as “malnourished,” “distressed,” and “fragile.” 

Who found Lisa Marie Presley’s dead body?

As per news published on खबरी भईया , It was her assistant who found her unconscious Thursday morning at her home in Calabasas, a city located 50 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles, and in which several Hollywood celebrities reside. Elvis’s daughter was not breathing when paramedics entered the house. The Sheriff’s Office reported that emergency personnel had to perform a CPR massage on her before transferring her to the county hospital.

How was Lisa Marie Presley’s attitude toward death?

After the death of Elvis, in 1977, at the very young age of 42, Lisa Marie established a special relationship with death. She acknowledged this in 2003 in a note to Rolling Stone. “I was obsessed with it from a very young age,” she told the magazine. And later, in another medium, she revealed: “I have dealt with death, pain and loss since I was 9 years old. I’ve had more than necessary in my life and, somehow, I’ve gotten here. In 2020, the suicide of her son, Benjamin, at age 27, was so devastating to her that she was never able to recover. And she considered him the love of her life. “Grief is something that you will have to carry with you for the rest of your life, despite what certain people or our culture would have us believe. You don’t get over it, you don’t move on, period”, Lisa Marie Presley said in an interview a few months ago,

Who are the children of Lisa Marie Presley?

Lisa Marie Presley buried her son at Graceland (the mansion is located in the city of Memphis), where the bodies of his grandfather and great-grandparents also lie. He was the second of her children with songwriter Danny Keough, her high school sweetheart. The eldest is called Riley, who is 33 years old today and is an actress.

Riley will soon be seen in Amazon’s adaptation of the teen book Daisy Jones & The Six, based on a fictional 1970s rock group. Lisa Marie’s eldest daughter acknowledged that she was inspired by her mother when she immersed herself in the role. She also had two more daughters, twins Harper and Finley, from her relationship with musician Michael Lockwood. 

After ten years of living together, the couple divorced in 2016 leading a legal battle for the custody of the girls. Previously, she was married to actor Nicolas Cage and to Michael Jackson. She married the “King Of Pop” in the Dominican Republic, beginning a relationship that could not survive the manic media coverage. After separating, they still retained the bond, even as lovers. In fact, she came out to defend her ex when he was accused of having abused a minor.

How did Lisa Marie Presley start her music career?

Lisa Marie Presley made her music debut very late, in the early 2000s, due to the expectations that weighed on her. 

In 2012, Lisa Marie Presley released her last album: Storm & Grace. She had previously published the albums Now What (2005) and To Whom It May Concern (2003). It was her producer Glen Ballard, responsible for several hits by Alanis Morissette, who encouraged her to give shape to those initial songs that decanted from her in a debut of hers that did very well for her. Just as it happened with her life itself, Lisa Marie Presley searched for her artistic identity while trying various musical styles. And in 2007, to commemorate 30 years since the death of her father, she turned to technology to perform a duet of an Elvis hit from 1969: “In the Ghetto.”

Since her birth, nine months after her parents got married, she never knew what intimacy was. “My parents were two really strong people. I probably inherited the smoke from him. Her common sense and strength come from her. I am not saying that he did not have them, but she thinks about things a lot more,” she confessed in an interview. When talking about the “King of Rock and Roll” she was always oscillating. At times she was very loving and understanding, and at other times she was condescending. The truth is that when both he and her paternal grandparents died, she became the heir to all his fortune, as well as Graceland. From then on, she became a troubled teenager.

Was Lisa Marie Presley a drug addict?

Lisa Marie Presley had been a drug user since her teenage years. However, her addictions worsened after the birth of her twins. She suffered so much pain that she became dependent on tranquilizers and opiates. Introduced to Scientology by John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley distanced herself from that cult in 2016. 

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