The 4 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Booking a Holiday Home

The 4 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Booking a Holiday Home

There are various reasons for travellers to book a private holiday home instead of resorts, hotels, or B&Bs, the excellent cost-performance ratio being the most important one in many cases. And even though renting a holiday apartment has its peaks, the planning process can be a challenge – particularly so, if you’ve never been a self-catering traveller before.

The following tips will make the planning process a lot easier for you.

Eating Out or Eating In?

If you’re used to hotels with board and lodging, you’re most certainly accustomed to walking into the restaurant whenever you are hungry. The fact that you’re usually self-catering when staying at a holiday home is what puts many travel enthusiasts off. But don’t discard the thought of renting a holiday apartment right away. Instead, try to figure out if preparing your own food will be as stressful as you imagine.

Even if you do conclude that cooking, cleaning, and holiday doesn’t go together, it doesn’t mean that you cannot stay anywhere else than at a full board hotel. As you can usually save a lot of money when booking a private holiday accommodation instead of a hotel, you have a financial buffer. If you don’t see yourself fixing food a couple of times a day, consider eating out once or even twice a day.

Finding the Perfect Accommodation

To enjoy your holiday, make sure to find the perfect apartment. Check out the diverse offer on for holiday homes in Majorca and other beautiful destinations. You’ll see that there is a perfect match for you and your individual requirements.

Travellers, who prefer their holiday without ruffle or excitement, typically choose more isolated holiday houses in the backcountry or less touristy areas. Young folks, who want to be as close to the beach and the nightlife as possible, normally go for very centrally located holiday apartments. Keep in mind that every Jack has his Jill – define your requirements and book a holiday home with all the amenities you wish for.

The Details

As travellers, who stay in holiday homes, are usually self-caterers, most apartments and houses include a kitchen or at least a kitchenette. When booking accommodation, make sure to find out what said kitchen is equipped with: Is there a stove, an oven, a microwave? If so, are there enough cooking utensils – particularly, the essential things like cooking pots, pans, and dishes?

When in doubt, try to get in touch with the booking portal or even with the owner of the holiday home. Asking for concrete information is neither rude nor annoying – it’s essential for you to enjoy your holiday and for the owner to receive good feedback after your stay. Imagine staying at an apartment and starting to prepare food only to find out that there are no plates or forks? Purchasing entire kitchen equipment or always going out to eat is not always an alternative.

Coffee lovers should also check when planning a trip if there is a coffee machine in the apartment.

What About Sheets and Towels?

Another thing you should clarify before going on your trip is whether or not the booked holiday apartment comes with fresh sheets and towels. There are landlords, who always include those things to disburden their guests, but there are also some, who expect you to bring your own sheets and towels.

If you plan a trip to Majorca or some other destination, which makes it necessary to take the plane, you most certainly don’t have the space in your suitcase to bring half your household. But buying those things at your destination isn’t a satisfying alternative either. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to ask your landlord before booking.

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