10 Biggest Makeup Trends Of 2021

While things evolve, so do our preferences for makeup. It is not about adhering to the rules, but accepting experimentation and only doing it for yourself. Take a stroll down the memory lane and rewind as we talk about the makeup trends of 2020. Thank heavens for progress, and cringe-worthy photos to show how far we have advanced. These astounding looks took over the industry, Instagram and YouTube for good. 

1. Multi-Colour Eyeshadow 

James Charles gave us the eyeshadow palette with every bold colour possible, and several brands followed the suit. Buyers stepped beyond their comfort bubble and experimented with bold, vibrant colours. Multi-coloured eyeshadow appearances are one of our favourite 2020 beauty trends. Dream of romantic reds, flashing pinks, and lovely blues, all at once. 

You will need a vibrant eyeshadow palette to achieve this sort of look. We suggest one of BH Cosmetics’ multiple eyeshadow palettes that have non-toxic formulations. Start by using a darker colour in the crease by adding the main colour to the whole lid. Add a third colour (anything that is bright) in the inner corner but under your lower lashes for extra eloquence.

2. The Unexpected liner

It might be Euphoria’s lingering effects or the urge to try anything fresh and creative, however bold eyes have now become the standard. In 2020, the iconic winged liner was remixed, swapping the classic black hue with distinct colours and finishes such as metallic or pastels. A good trick to get in on the trend is to abandon the liner and use embellishments. Jackman mentioned that all one needs is lash glue to help stick to the rhinestones and a tweezer to apply it.

3. The Graphic Eyeliner 

Your eyes are such a teensy canvas that can add so much drama to your look. Artists and professionals always concentrate on highlighting your eyes even with a basic makeup look. In yesteryear, the flawless winged eyeliner would have been extraordinary, but no longer, as these eye makeup styles have taken a back seat. The latest eyeliner trends are graphic eyeliner, which does not demand precision and enable a lot of creativity. We suggest some kinds of graphic eyeliner styles – Glossy Lids with Floating Wing, Double Floating Eyeliner, The Dramatic Liner, Dots and Lines and Over and Underline.

4. The Mismatched Eyeshadow 

When you first read ‘mismatched eyeshadow’, all one can think of is Harley Quinn and her eyeshadow which is smeared with pink on one eye and teal on the other. This trend is far from being shabby and messy, instead, it is a more of an everyday look now, perhaps a bolder version of it. In its most primitive form, the only thing you require is two separate shadows on each eye. And you can get creative with it from there: smudge and blur out the shadows for a winged effect; colour block two colours on one eyelid and then another two on the other; and if you are proficient, make a pattern in the centre of the eyelid.

5. Nude Eyes 

The style of 2020’s nude eye makeup is the complete opposite of bright skin. There ought to be a harmony between the face, eyes, and lips while curating a look. Typically, we go for a nude lip whenever the eyes are bold. Conversely, then. A bold lip generally comes with nude eyes.

The whole look is great for all those who struggle with accurately balancing out eyeshadows. To give some subtle contrast, one may set the eyelids with an eye shadow the same colour as the skin type or a slightly darker one. 

For bold eyelashes or a glossy lip, always add a certain depth to the look.

6. The Classic Blue 

Pantone revealed that the most trending colour of 2020 was the classic Blue. We have seen many beauty influencers and makeup artists using this colour a lot, and many beauty brands have been jumping on the bandwagon with Classic Blue makeup products. Blue is the colour of the year, with blue eye shadows to lipsticks being used extensively. Although, if you are a simple person, this colour might be a little too bold for you. Start with a baby blue eyeshadow look instead and then work your way up to bolder eyeshadows and lipsticks.

7. Glowing Skin without foundation 

The well-known no-makeup makeup look will still be in trend, but it is different from this no foundation look. Stick to a decent skincare routine and limited cover-up, instead of using a full-coverage foundation. Use a concealer to cover your spots and acne. 

Since the newest matt is glowing skin, do not even miss the facial oil and moisturiser. Skincare products bring a radiant glowing complexion, so instead of highlighters and dewy foundations, they focus on skincare. 

Make your eyes and lips the point of focus, then. Of course, people would think you have beautiful skin.

8. Prominent and bright Black Eye

The thing we have observed about the 2020 beauty trends is that they are vivid, bold, and vibrant. Do it with a neon hue, to embrace the hottest beauty trends of the New Year. Consider something as easy as eyeliner.

Thankfully, if you know how to do a cat-eye or winged eyeliner, this is one of the simplest make up looks of 2020 to reinvent. Substitute a fluorescent or neon colour for your black eyeliner. In 2020, we saw plenty of blues, pinks, yellows, and violets. 

To try out this look, one could use a pencil or liquid eyeliner.

9. Sustainable Beauty 

We saw a massive blast of natural beauty brands back in 2019, and we’re here for it. These brands are mindful of their environmental effects and therefore dedicate themselves to eliminating needless waste, often housing their goods in plastic-free packaging. 

Some also give back, endorsing ocean clean-ups, recycling projects, and other noble contributions to environmental charities. Deenihan and Ta, celebrity makeup artists, know that this is more than just a pattern that is passing by. Even so, they expect that sustainability will appear to be a significant subject of debate in and beyond 2020.

10. Glossy Lips 

Yeah, as one of the top beauty trends of 2020, lip gloss is making a big comeback. The incredibly famous lip gloss launched by Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson in 2019 could have something to do with this. We are ready for it, anyway. Anyone can pull off shiny lips, and it is incredibly easy to do. Both natural and bright makeup looks are also complemented. Lip gloss can be worn on its own and with lipsticks. It will make your lips glow brightly, plump, and kissable.

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