Top Ten Beautiful Japanese Women

The world was first introduced to beautiful Japanese women and their elegance when Yoko Ono was married to one of the Beatles. She was exotic and soon made headlines globally for being married to John Lennon in 1969. Later on, many other beautiful Japanese women followed her to Hollywood. Rinko Kikuchi, for example, was the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for her role in Babel (2006) and she is also reported to play the next “Bond girl”

Here is our list for the top 10 most beautiful Japanese women:

10. Reina Triendl

Reina Triendl is a Japanese model, actress, and tarento. Triendl has a mother who is Japanese and her father is Austrian. She was born in Vienna, Austria.

Since her first year of high school, she settled down and started to live in Tokyo, Japan. Here beauty was unlike other pretty Japanese girls and here she was scouted and began working as a model in her second year of school. Reina went to Keio University but took time off to work and ended up graduating in September 2015. She starred in the horror film Tag from 2015 and this performance earned her the Best Actress Award at the 19th Fantasia International Film Festival, Canada.

She looks very youthful but you won’t believe that she is 27 years old.

9. Emi Takei 

Emi Takei is a Japanese model, singer and actress. She was born in Nagoya, Japan and is currently 25 years old. Since she has a very versatile and beautiful look, she was aspiring to be a model and then decided to become an actor. She was in high school when she told her parents that she has such dreams and aspirations. Emi is also well-known for her marriage to Exile member, Takahiro. 

8. Haruna Kojima

Haruna Kojima is a Japanese actress and singer born in Urawa-ku, Saitama. She was a member of the idol group AKB48 under Team A. She began her career as a member of Angel Eyes but it disbanded in 2001. Haruna Kojima made her first appearance on an annual music show called Kohaku Uta Gassen where AKB48 was invited in 2007. 

Since then, she deeply explored her chances in a possible acting career. Her first lead role came from the drama movie: “Coin Locker Monogatari” meaning Coin Locker Story. Along with fellow AKB4B8 members, she made her first appearance on the silver screen in the horror genre for a move called “Densen Uta” 

7. Mariya Nishiuchi 

Mariya Nishiuchi is a hot Japenese model and actress, well known for her role in Great Teacher Onizuka and for Yamada and the Seven Witches. Aside from modeling and acting she is also a very talented singer-songwriter as you can see from typing her name on YouTube. She was born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan in 1993. 

Her eyes definitely stand out and her natural beauty is an attractive quality that everyone can appreciate, especially her fans. She can also change her expressions but still pull off a cute and pretty look.  She is the younger sister of BeForU member Hiromi Nishiuchi who is also an actress and model. 

6. Satomi Ishihara

Setting her mark in the modeling industry with her beauty, Satomi Ishihara also showed great potential as a successful actress. She was revered for very expressive acting like playing cute, clumsy and naughty. As one of the most beautiful Japanese women ever, the actress she is so well known across the country that you can see her billboards around Japan! She was best known for the action move Attack on Titan. 

She was one of the biggest teen stars of the early 2000s and got international fame after starring as a lead in the movie Tamako Godai in 2003. She was born in Tokyo, Japan. 

5. Suzu Hirose 

Born in 1998, Age 21, Suzu Hirose is a multi talented personality of her generation. She has been cast to play the lead role in Natsuzora, the 100th NHK asadora. As a model and actress many people compare her to Korean actress Bae Suzy for looking exactly alike. 

She has also won the Japan Award for Newcomer of the Year. 

4. Yui Aragaki 

Yui Aragaki is a Japanese model, actress, voice actress, singer and idol. Her beauty is unlike other pretty Japanese girls and movie projects make her very recognizable. She also does radio shows. She was the co-host for a radio program called Girls Locks in 2012. 

She was cast for a number of movies and she also started working towards her debut album. Unfortunately, this led to a work related stress injury in 2007 but she ended up winning the film prize at the 45th Golden Arrow. 

3. Kiko Mizuhara

Kiko Mizuhara also known as Audrie Kiko Mizuhara, is an American- Japanese actress and model.

She was born in Dallas, Texas but lived in Japan since her childhood. She was born in 1990 to an American father and a Japanese mother.

Considered to be a high fashion favorite, and one of the hot Japanese women to have worked the runway, her height and looks give her an advantage. Pretty Japanese girls who are 5’6 with her figure don’t come along very often. Her business with the brand Opening Ceremony got her listed as one of the Business of Fashion 500: The People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry. Kiko is rumored to be dating Harry Styles.

2. Nana Komatsu

Coming in second on our top ten list, Nana Komatsu is also one of the most beautiful Japanese women from the fashion world. Born in Tokyo yet brought up in Yamanashi, Nana Komatsu started modeling at the age of 12. Before getting her role in the movies like Close Range Love and The World of Kanako, she was very popular on Instagram. Her height is 5 ft 6. 

1. Haruka Ayase

Haruka Ayase was born as Aya Tademaru in Hiroshima, Japan. She tops this list as one of the most beautiful Japanese women on the planet.  She is a very popular Japanese actress and singer. In high school she got her start in the entertainment industry by successfully auditioning for the 25th Horipro Talent Scout. At first her parents were worried about this interest but gave in when she saw her passion and determination. In Tokyo she even successfully reduced her weight by 6 kilograms. After she started her career as a gravure idol, she is now a leading actress in many films. 

In contract to the start of the article, where we’ve mentioned the urban, modern Japanese-America, Yoko, the history of beautiful Japanese women from the past is far from modern. Ancient Japan saw a rise of seeing women as beautiful sex objects, and this still affects some societies. Many pretty Japanese women still continue to place more value to their physical appearances, and speak their opinions less and less. The good news is that, with more exposure to media and television influences, values have started to change increasingly towards equality between women and men.

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