Cat Breeds for Lazy People

Cats are naturally cute and cuddly and they certainly know how to be lazy. Scientifically, cats can sleep almost the entire day and only move when they want to feed or poop. Nevertheless, not all kitties are equally lazy.

Some were born to just lazy around while others are livelier. If you are lazy and in need of a low-maintenance cat, we recommend you opt for the laziest breeds available. In this case, your ideal feline should have a gentle, calm, and relaxed temperament.

Also, consider a breed that can reside well with other pets like dogs. With that said, here is a list of some of the most relaxed kitties available suitable for lazy owners. If you know a lazy guy who is always all about cats, you should consider gifting them the following breeds.


This is one of the chilliest cats out there. The Birman has a fluffy coating that requires minimal grooming, one of the major reasons why it is preferred by most lazy people.

You will also fall in love with its alluring and gorgeous blue eyes. Similarly, Birman is generally healthy and notoriously intelligent. You can easily train them with a few basic tricks during playtime.

They are also very affectionate and prefer a full-time company with their owner. Its relaxed and docile nature makes it the ideal pet for those who spend most of their time chilling at home.


These furballs are known for their laid-back nature and extreme tolerance with kids and other animals. Unlike other cats who engage in fights with dogs, you will find this kitty relaxing comfortably with dogs.

They are also extremely loyal and enjoy snuggling with their human. If you are looking for a kitty you can cuddle with while sleeping or watching TV, this might be your perfect pick.

Ragdolls have a calm temperament and are very affectionate. Plus, they are not needy and have minimal shedding, unlike most long-haired cats. Nevertheless, ensure to de-shed them at least once a week.


Even though the Persian requires frequent grooming, it is considered one of the laziest breeds available. Because of its frequent shedding, most people fear having it for a pet.

However, its relaxed temperament will have you thinking twice. You will find it sleeping almost the entire day and night. It is so lazy that you might never find it playing around with your drapes or scratching the furniture as most cats do.

Neither will it jump on your furniture or explore around the house. It enjoys peace and prefers minimal attention.

American shorthair

The American shorthair is gentle and super docile. It also enjoys being around children and other households. Plus, they are also very appealing and cuddly.

The color of their eyes and fur varies, so you can choose one based on the color you love the most. They make the perfect companion if you’re lonely and in need of a furry friend. However, this breed is highly prone to obesity due to its unique genes and lazy temperament.

Experts recommend the need to keep them regular exercised to prevent them from becoming obese. Read more about this breed here

Scottish fold

This cat is popular among most celebrities for its stylish and cute appearance. It is also a lover of class and style then this is the cat for you.

This is a friendly, smart loyal, and affectionate breed that loves human contact. It enjoys cuddling with humans whether in bed or in the living room while you are watching TV.

Basically, they make the perfect lap-cats as they are less active and easily attached to their owner. Every minute it spends with you is a fun moment.

British shorthair

Initially, these felines were used on the farm to chase and hunt mice due to their hunting instinct. Today, these gentle and mellow kitties prefer curling around their owner’s lap or lay around the fireplace rather than playing around with mice. They are also very loyal, easy-going, and devoted to their owners.

Exotic shorthair

The exotic shorthair has so much in common with the Persian. From its sweet calm nature to its pleasant looks which makes them irresistible.

They are also exceptionally loyal, quiet, and affectionate. They also enjoy being groomed and petted. Nevertheless, they are livelier and not so much a “furniture with fur” cat as compared to a Persian. Even so, you will find them lazing around their human all day.


This is another awesome breed that doesn’t require too much maintenance. The Himalayan is a cross between the Siamese and the Persians.

Its fluffy body and piercingly blue eyes will have you craving for snuggles. Not only is it calm and sweet but also craves full attention from family members.

You won’t find them jumping on the counter tops or exploring forbidden corners. They are normally content with being on their owners and not anywhere else.


Regardless of your lifestyle, there is always a cat breed for everyone. The most important thing is to give them proper grooming, healthcare, and entertainment. Your laziness shouldn’t be the reason your kitty isn’t properly fed or bathed. Cats can make very good companions if properly taken care of. Not only are they cute and cuddly but also very affectionate to their humans. Your fur ball will love and appreciate you all its life if you show it that you care. Also, don’t forget to keep it active as cats are at a high risk of getting obese due to their lazy nature.

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