Creative Hobbies for Creative Students: Sewing

Creative Hobbies for Creative Students

Most of our grandmothers could sew very well. During their youth, it was a necessary condition to look bright, fashionable, and stylish. The fabric industry of the eighties did not spoil our older relatives with a variety of outfits. Gray rows of the same type of models, devoid of grace and originality — that’s what you could see even in the capital’s department stores, not to mention the regions. Modern students very rarely master this skill. One of the reasons is lack of free time. Students can easily buy term papers and spare some time for various hobbies, like sewing.

Sewing as a profession

A wonderful profession, I must say. Soviet realities are already behind us, shops, markets, and the Internet are filled with outfits of all stripes and breeds. And all thanks to those who have mastered the sewing craft and today offer us the fruits of their labors in the form of beautiful designer dresses and costumes.

However, the profession of a seamstress has always been held in high esteem. And earlier it was not necessary to work in production, fulfilling and exceeding the plan of the next five-year plan. Women turned to craftsmen for tailoring. Only in this way it was possible to provide your wardrobe with exclusive models without the risk of seeing the same piece of clothes on someone from the immediate environment.

Today, sewing at home or in your workshop does not meet any obstacles at all. You can master a profession, sew beautiful stylish outfits according to independently developed patterns, open your showroom and sell clothes through an online store or Instagram.

Sewing as a hobby

And you can not set such global goals for yourself, completely changing the professional path. You can simply make sewing your hobby. By the way, it will be useful in many situations. After all, it is not always possible to find exactly what the soul asks for in the store, and it is not so easy to explain the idea to another person. As they say, if you want to do something well, do it yourself!

It’s great if you already can sew. Anyway, we all tried to do it a little at school or home under the guidance of grandmothers and moms. Someone took a firm position “my hands are not meant for this” and limited himself to sewing buttons, and someone showed remarkable diligence and mastered the sewing craft at least at the initial level.

If you have a passionate desire to sew recently, and you are wondering where to start, this article will be useful to you. Because this is what we will talk about further.

Sewing for beginners

The first thing it is better to do for an already busy student is to make sure that his interest is true before buying a sewing machine of the latest model.

Watch the video on Youtube, make sure that the sewing craft impresses you. Also, evaluate whether you can afford this hobby because it is one of the most expensive. Moreover, it will take quite a lot of free time from studying.

Decide what exactly you want to sew. This should be done based on the availability of available funds and your sincere wishes. Fabrics are expensive, not to mention the technical equipment. Therefore, an evening dress on a crinoline with gold-diamond trim is unlikely to be affordable if there is barely enough money for food.

Look for old clothes, the material which can be used. To rip, reshape, create a new one from the long-forgotten and unnecessary. So you will save significantly.

Sign up for a one-day sewing workshop. This is not cheap by student standards, but you can unfasten a certain amount once so that later you know for sure whether you have chosen the right thing or it is better to forget about it altogether. Masterclasses are held on sewing products of varying complexity. For beginners, these are simple dresses and straight skirts. The cost of a 4-hour master class is approximately 80 dollars.

You can buy an online sewing training course. The advantage is that you don’t have to leave the house anywhere, but at the same time you will get all the lesson notes, as well as the opportunity to contact the teachers directly if you have any questions.

If there is no money for paid tuition, try to learn online for free, using video lessons.

Try sewing on dolls. Especially if you have younger sisters whose toys need outfits to the nines. Such products can be built manually, without using a sewing machine. Most likely, you will not spend a penny on this activity, you will find a use for dad’s old shirt, and you will also understand whether you have the talent of a fashion designer and a cutter.

The first sewing products

What can a student sew who has never sewed anything before? It all depends on the materials at hand.

If you live at home and your mother’s sewing machine is available, this is one story. And if you have only a thread with a needle at your disposal in a dormitory, it’s completely different.

In the first case, it is better to start with this:

  • Bed linen. All you need to process the edges and it’s not so scary if the line turns out to be curved.
  • Quilted bedspread. There is a lot of work, but with the due diligence it will turn out to be an excellent and, most importantly, the right thing. 
  • Eco-shopping bag. This product is for the spite of the day and, by the way, a great gift!
  • Light level products (marked with one circle) from Burda magazine. Sewing on it is quite simple. Firstly, all patterns are given. Secondly, the execution steps are scheduled explicitly.

If you don’t have the sewing machine, then you can do the following:

  • Search the Internet for models that can be sewn by hand. 
  • Sew small accessories: purses, sleep masks and not only, bandages, etc.
  • Make a textile doll from scraps. 

Handmade products are increasingly relevant today. The world is gradually returning to what it turned away from in the age of industrial development. Authorship, individuality, exclusivity – all this will never go out of fashion, no matter how high mass production technologies become.

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