3 Tips For Keeping Your Prized Possessions Safe When Traveling

Do you think using padlocks or cable locks on your luggage would make you look more suspicious in an airport terminal and cause you more distress in your relation with airport security? Or, on the contrary, you think it would bring you more peace of mind, knowing your precious bags and the valuables in them would carry an extra layer of protection while on the move? Some people choose to attach small zip ties to their luggage as an additional safety measure while traveling, while others do not use any particular security measure other than staying vigilant. Which category do you belong to?

If you are still trying to figure out how to safely transfer your bags from one destination to the next without too much hassle and security risks to worry about, these next few tips should come in handy.

Tip #1: Have Your Luggage Transferred by Special Luggage Delivery Companies

Yes, these luggage delivery services do exist and they could save you from a lot of headache and money on your next trip. Whether you are getting ready to travel for a couple of weeks for leisure purposes or visit your family for the holidays, you could hire such a service to provide you help with your bulky gift bags or oversized ski gear. Plus, such a service will help you steer clear of the airport fees you would be normally charged for any excess luggage.

Tip #2: Use Reliable Locks for Your Luggage

Deciding to have your bags secured with special luggage locks is important as it can protect your belongings against would-be thieves while travelling. However, knowing which models and brands to choose from is equally important.

While TSA-approved locks are not mandatory or very popular in the UK, if you plan on flying to the US or other countries that have embraced TSA-approved locks, you might have an easier time having these locks installed on your bags.

What are TSA-approved locks and what purpose do they serve?

  • The TSA personnel in an airport is responsible for continuously checking all carry-on and checked bags prior to allowing them into a commercial flight so that all passengers can benefit from high levels of safety while flying to or from the US. More often than not, the bags will be screened using electronic devices which do not require the bags to be opened. Nonetheless, occasionally, a passenger’s luggage might be opened by the TSA agents.
  • To simplify their access to the bags, TSA personnel has issued TSA-approved locks for luggage. The respective locks can be used together with master keys, which are universal keys available to the TSA workers, allowing them to get easy access to the luggage whenever necessary while keeping the bags inaccessible to other people.
  • These locks can be found online, at airports, or in specialised luggage stores and they always have the “TSA Approved” seal on the packaging.

Just keep in mind that there have been a series of incidents regarding passengers whose locks have been cut off from their bags by TSA agents, so they are not a foolproof solution.

Tip #3: Consider Smart Luggage Locks

Rechargeable smart padlocks you can manage from a remote distance via the Bluetooth option on your phone are a good alternative for the tech-savvy. These padlocks are usually sold with long-lasting batteries and they can be rapidly charged via the USB ports on your laptop. 

Other smart luggage locks will allow you to control the safety of your bags using free apps that you will be able to install on Android and iOS devices. They come with backup codes and the apps allow you to control all the locks on all your bags, backpacks, laptop cases, gym lockers, and so on. Plus, the best smart locks for luggage will also alert you every time someone attempts to walk away with your bags, telling you exactly when and how your bags have been unlocked.

Most of these smart locks will also enable you to grant access to your bags to family members or close friends, no matter where in the world they might be. This means you could have your bags delivered by an expert luggage delivery service to your relatives from a different city and grant them access to open the bags via the smart locks and their associated apps.

You could also set different levels of security for the bags and rely on advanced 128-bit security to keep potential cybercriminals away from your precious luggage.

Finally, luggage zip fasteners in the form of tape tags and zip ties are also common alternatives that could increase the security of your bags while traveling. A tamper-proof, quality lock or a smart lock will also provide you with more peace of mind. Make your pick and enjoy safer travels!

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