5 Eyebrow Piercing Types: Placement and Jewelry

What do Fergie, Rooney Mara, Justin Bieber, Ruby Rose and Shia LaBeouf have in common? An eyebrow piercing ofcourse!

What is an eyebrow piercing?

An eyebrow piercing is pierced vertically through the eyebrow, anywhere along the ridge. It is pierced at a 35 degree angle from the outside corner of the eye. However, it may be pierced anywhere along the eyebrow from directly above the eye, to the edge of the eyebrow.

Eyebrow piercings take between 6-8 weeks to heal and because they are a surface piercing, they run the risk of migration. Migration is when the piercing moves from its original location, either downwards, gradually, over time or because the body is rejecting the foreign object and attempting to push it outwards. 

5 Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Styles

The kind of jewelry you choose can make or break your eyebrow piercing, so don’t rush through the process when picking yours out or go straight for the most aesthetically pleasing option just yet. Instead, consider a few factors: the shape, the type of metal, and the size.

Straight Barbell

Straight barbells are only used if you have been pierced with a straight barbell or if you have a very flat brow. If neither applies to you, you could get away with wearing them for short periods of time in a HEALED piercing for special occasions. Otherwise, you are encouraged to stick to other types of barbells.

Curved Barbell

These barbells have the largest variety of metallic materials and designs, as it’s the most preferred for an eyebrow piercing. When people start with a hoop instead of a curved barbell, it makes it a lot more difficult for that piercing to heal, so the curved barbell is the most ideal. 

And later, when everything is healing well after about six weeks, you can switch out the jewelry with a smaller piece or one that better suits your style. A lot of stores have a smaller replacement jewelry which matches the cost of your initial piercing. This means that you can easily exchange it without paying more, but keep in mind to change the jewelry with the help of the piercer. 

Go to a professional first and have them help you and instruct you. If you fail, it could possibly close up, or it could suffer trauma from you trying to put the jewelry in improperly and actually cause more damage.

Rings or Hoops

Rings can be classified as Captive Bead Ring (CBR) or Seamless Rings or Clickers. It’s the best for most eyebrow piercings because eyebrow hoops come in a variety of sizes, metallic or plastic materials, and styles. 

Seamless Rings are an endless hoop and perfect if you want a discreet hoop minus the ball. It’s sleek and delicate.

Captives are the classic design of a hoop with a bead that you pop in and out.

Clicker Rings are a bit expensive, but worth the investment. The hinged mechanism effortlessly opens and closes the ring. 

Horseshoe Barbell

Though not used as often as curved barbells or captive bead rings, circular barbells can have a place in your eyebrow jewelry collection. 

Twister Spiral Rings

A twisted barbell is best described with the imagery above. It threads through your eyebrow piercing and is finished with 2 balls, 1 on each side. This image features pearl balls. 

5 Eyebrow Piercing Types

Before you get an eyebrow piercing know that your initial piercing should be a 16 gauge curved barbell. It should be made of high-grade titanium, 14k gold, or 18k gold. Never opt for jewelry smaller than recommended by your piercer as you might face jewelry rejection and the risk of skin damage. 

After that, you can pick one of these 5 eyebrow piercing placement types: 

Vertical Eyebrow Piercings

Vertical eyebrow piercings are the standard eyebrow piercings donned by many celebs such as Fergie or Justin Bierber. As the name suggests, this is a vertical piercing that goes anywhere along the ridge of the eyebrow. 

These piercings are done at a 35-degree angle from the outside corner of the eye. The procedure involves a single piercing with two holes (one in, one out). But alternatives like spiral eyebrow piercings can have 2 or 3 piercings for 4 to 6 holes. These have a single piece of jewellery looping around ones eyebrow.

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

Horizontal eyebrow piercings are standard and very similar to vertical piercings. The only difference is that they are pierced horizontally. Otherwise, the placement options are the same. Once again, the most common location is towards the outside corner of the eye.

This piercing goes horizontally across the upper brow ridge. It should be done with a surface bar, which goes into the skin at a ninety degree angle and travels under the skin at a constant depth (like a staple shape) rather than a curved barbell.

Multiple Eyebrow Piercings

Multiple piercings are seen in other piercing types such as the curated ear. They are usually a combination of vertical eyebrow piercings or vertical and horizontal. It’s also a fashion statement like the image above.

T eyebrow piercings are a kind of multiple piercing. The procedure involves a vertical and a horizontal eyebrow piercing overlap, creating a T shape. A T eyebrow piercing is essentially a standard vertical and a horizontal in immediate proximity to one another so that a “T” shape is formed.

Bridge Piercing

A bridge piercing goes through the bridge of the nose (the fleshy part at the tip of the nose between the eyes). Bridge piercings are the first of these piercings that venture off the brow itself. This is a horizontal piercing with the jewellery on either side of the nose, right between the eyes.

Done with a straight barbell or surface barbell, the bridge piercing is not for everybody. If the skin between your eyes is very tight and not too fleshy, it may heal crooked or be a prime candidate for migration.

Depending on your facial structure, the piercer will determine if this piercing is right for you because you’d need enough flesh. If the skin is too tight the piercing may shift, so you may have to opt out of this one. 

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercings are opposite the eyebrow. If you know anything about makeup application, this is the area where highlighters are applied – just below the eye. 

To get a feel for the standard placement of this piercing, trace your finger along the orbital bone below the eye. This piercing is typically done along or just below this ridge.

Often called a sobriquet of “teardrop”, this is a piercing on the place where your eyebrow would be if your face were upside down and your eyebrows were beneath your eyes instead of above them. It is also a surface piercing that appears to be adorning the cheek rather than the eye. As such, it should also use a surface bar rather than a barbell.

As long as you look after your eyebrow piercing, the novelty of a new piercing may wear off, but let’s be honest, you choose this look because you know yourself, your choices,  and you like to be a star in the center of attention. That will never wear off. 

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