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A Short Guide for Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Spring has arrived and we’re already looking forward to kicking off BBQ season, which has turned much attention to choosing the right outdoor furniture. A lot of factors will influence outdoor furniture choice including garden uses, design preferences, and the type of space available. Throughout this article, we’ve got you covered with useful insights for choosing outdoor furniture.

What Will Your Garden Be Used For?

Before browsing a garden furniture store, it’s important to determine what your garden will be used for, which will allow you to truly visualise what your outdoor space will look like. For example, will you be creating an outdoor kitchen, a bar area to serve friends, or will you be designing a simple outdoor area for relaxation and reading?

Understanding what you will be using the garden for will let you determine the type of furniture you need, but it’s also a good idea to consider who and how many people must be accommodated. For example, is your space for personal use, will you be hosting small groups, or will the entire family be congregating in your garden?

Garden Furniture Positioning

Once you can fully picture which moments you need to capture with your garden, you can start to work out where to place the furniture. Typically, the first task will be tracking the sun’s movements across your garden, which will allow you to work out areas of natural shade and light. For example, if the sun shines on a flat part of your garden for the majority of the afternoon before bringing in the evening shade, this may be the perfect location for an outdoor table and BBQ space.

Thinking About Materials

Garden furniture is extremely versatile and it comes in a range of different materials, which all have their pros and cons. For example, wooden furniture is an obvious classic, but it will need a fair bit of maintenance to make sure it doesn’t rot. Alternatively, metal garden furniture is easy to maintain – providing it’s kept out of the rain and stored away from moisture.

Aligning Furniture with Type of Space

The space available to you will play a large part in deciding on outdoor furniture. For example, if you’ve got a small space, hanging chairs or corner sets will be the best idea because it frees up floor space. Whereas, if you’ve only got the grass in your garden, the best furniture will be aluminium or faux rattan because it’s lightweight and won’t easily sink into the soil.

Ideas for Styling

We’ve already established that there’s garden furniture to suit every occasion, and versatility only comes through the various styles on offer. Here are a grew ideas to get you going:

  • Hanging chairs. Great for escaping the noise and well-suited to small properties.
  • Bistro style. Perfect for alfresco dining, regardless of the time of day or type of meal – or beverage.
  • Lounging about. Extend the living room with reclining seats and modular furniture.

Choosing outdoor furniture starts with deciding how the garden will be used and who needs accommodation. From there, positioning, materials, and style choices can be worked into the mix.

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