A Short Guide to the Best Selling Items on eBay

Best Selling Items on eBay

Selling on eBay is an excellent opportunity to make some quick cash and, at the same time, it helps clear your house of unwanted items. Since some items are more in demand than others, it helps to know what’s hot and what’s not, so you can save time and maybe a little frustration by selling the items you know people want. Below we’ve picked out some of the best-selling items on the platform to help you make a swift sale. 

Collectables and vintage goods

Maybe only they’ll be able to tell you why, but the younger generations are showing a demand for collectables and antiques items. They even consider items from the 1980s to have a vintage quality, although some might say that’s pushing it. Whereas Depop or Vinted would be a better place for selling clothes, Art Decor, Art Nouveau and Modernist items all do well on eBay.

In terms of collectables, think of products such as Lego, comics and, perhaps bizarrely, trainers. The average selling price tends to be around £35, according to eBay itself, but rare items can sell for around £60 or more.

Office equipment

Looking to clear some space in your office? Time to get yourself on eBay. Selling office equipment such as office chairs, desktop monitors and other equipment is a winner, now that more and more people are turning to working from home. If you’re not in a rush to make the sale, you can hold a ten-day auction to get the highest price you can for your item(s). You’ll soon find a buyer.

Home décor

The lockdowns have been a good opportunity for people to give their homes a makeover, which may have included upgrading their furnishings. According to eBay, items such as lighting, sofas and coffee tables are all popular. Remember, when selling on the platform, to be clear about any defects in the items. If you don’t tell your buyer about a huge, deep scratch in the coffee table, they won’t be too happy about it!

Don’t forget, too, that somehow you have to transfer these items between you and the buyer. How are you going to do that? With larger items, they may be willing to come and collect them. If not, you may choose to send them by courier.

Branded tech

Platform users love to get their hands on anything Apple, Samsung or Sony. Mobile phones, headphones, TVs, computers, tablets… you name it, they’re hungry for them. Did you know that three iPhone related items sell on eBay every minute? The average selling price: £250, so do a swift bit of research and then create your listing. 

Sports and fitness equipment

The lockdowns have persuaded more people to get into healthier lifestyles and get active. Now, lots of people are scouring the internet for cheap(er) equipment, whether that’s golf clubs, fitness products or yoga-related products. The average selling price of sporting equipment is around £25.

Garden accessories

Now summer’s here, this is a tremendous time to sell garden accessories. People are having barbecues and spending their days just sunning themselves out in the garden, which is sending sales of parasols and garden furniture through the roof on eBay. In the days of lockdowns, the garden has also become even more of a space to enhance your wellbeing, so people are getting out there, refreshing their garden and generally relaxing while making their space more of a pleasure to be in.

Selling on eBay is a superb way to boost your income and isn’t especially hard. The items above are in demand on the platform and will fetch you respectable sums quickly. Don’t forget that buyers will rate your service, so always provide good service, before, during and after you’ve made the sale, so that other buyers see you’re reliable and trustworthy.

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