Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust – All You Need To Know

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (listed on the London Stock Exchange as SMT) is an old and revered publicly traded investment trust from the UK. The Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust focuses on finding out strong businesses and invests globally with significantly above-average returns.  Baillie Gifford & Co Limited, an investment management partnership based in Edinburgh, Scotland, manages the […]

MC Wiley Calls Ed Sheeran and Drake ‘Culture Vultures’ on BBC’s 1Xtra

MC Wiley, who is famously known as the ‘Godfather of Grime’ has suddenly taken up arms against global superstars Ed Sheeran and Drake. Wiley appeared on BBC’s 1Xtra and pulled no punches in his criticism of Sheeran and Drake. However, Wiley is well known for engaging in such endeavours whenever he is about to release […]

BBC Top Gear Co-Host Freddie Flintoff Returns to Filming After Horrific Crash

Top Gear co-host and former English International Cricketer Freddie Flintoff suffered a horrific crash while shooting a drag race for the show’s upcoming 28th season. However, despite the apparent severity of the crash, Flintoff emerged unscathed and has returned to the set for filming. Freddie Flintoff has assured fans that he is completely fine after […]

York Minster is Selling Historic Organ Pipes for Raising Refurbishment Funds

The York Minster’s grand organ’s pipes are being auctioned online to raise funds for the instrument’s refurbishment. The refurbishment cost is expected to be around £2 million and the auction is expected to generate enough money for it. The grand organ’s 30 pipes date from the early part of the 19th century. They were constructed […]

Mystery Illness Killing Dogs in Norway

Hundreds of dogs all over Norway have been sickened by a mysterious and potentially contagious bowel disease that has even turned fatal in some cases. Norwegian dog owners have been advised to keep their pets from socializing with each other for the time being as reports of this mysterious disease continue to pile up. According […]

Google Blew iPhone Hacking Report ‘Out of Proportion’: Apple

Last week’s Google’s Project Zero’s report has firmly placed Apple on the defensive. Google’s researchers said that iOS was constantly being targeted with a sophisticated attack for two years. Until Google alerted Apple, the attacks didn’t stop. However, Apple has come out in its defence and claimed that Project Zero blew the whole thing out […]

Pretty Woman: The Musical to Open in London West End in 2020

Pretty Woman: The Musical is set to hit the UK’s shores in 2020. London’s fabled West End will be the venue where the musical will be performed. The musical is based on the 1990 smash hit Pretty Woman. The film starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, and is beloved by fans today as well. The […]

The UK Stands on the Brink of a Major Opioid Crisis

A recent health study has revealed that an astonishingly alarming number of British adults have been hooked on to highly addictive prescription opioids. An astonishing one in eight Britons is dependent on prescription drugs and a total of five million adults receive prescription painkillers every year. With fears of an American level opioid crisis, an […]

NFL: Oakland Raiders Release All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown

One of the most drama filled months in Oakland Raiders franchise history (and that’s saying something about a franchise like the Oakland Raiders) has finally come to an end. All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown, who the Raiders acquired via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers has been released by the team. The Raiders had signed Brown […]