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Five Reasons Why You Need a TV Feature Wall

Back when TVs were CRT and shaped like boulders, people had no choice but to stuff them in the corner of their living room, often with a pile of wires dumped underneath it to hook up the various devices required to enjoy DVDs and video games.

Modern TVs have the thickness of cardboard and most features you’d want integrated, meaning there’s never been a better time to wall-mount one and try and create your ideal TV feature wall.

A TV feature wall is like any feature wall, only with a TV mounted on it. It differs from the other walls in a room with colour, texture or design for aesthetic reasons and to be the visual focal point of the room.   

So, while you’re eying up the best 65 inch TV to buy, think about why it makes the perfect starting point for a TV feature wall.

Maximise storage

Even with advancements in wireless tech, look behind the typical TV stand and there’ll be enough interlocked cables to circle the earth twice. A TV feature wall could be filled with clever storage solutions for holding various cables, remotes and devices. Just having somewhere to neatly store a remote control will help improve the overall look of your living room.

Hide unsightly wires

If you choose to wall-mount your TV, there’s a fair chance you either have some exposed wires or they’re wrapped in a plastic tube that makes your home look like an office. A feature wall can let you hide these essential cables and give you a cleaner finish.

Make the TV a focal point

While nobody says it out loud, everyone is proud of the TV they own and wants to show it off. It’s also where you spend a lot of time looking when you’re in your living room, so if you design a feature wall around your TV it means you can ensure the TV is at the correct height and in the perfect position for those film nights.  

Make the viewing experience more immersive

Designing a feature wall around your TV will allow you to make the viewing experience more immersive. For example, it’ll allow you to make the most of backlighting and get the best placement of a sound-sound system, all while keeping everything looking minimalist and uniform.

Experiment with colour and textures

On a more design-led point, a feature wall allows you to create something visually exciting and different in an otherwise plain room. It’s not just adding a new colour that can help a room, a feature wall is a great place to play around with new materials. Wood, stone and even concrete can help break up a room and add something exciting to it, drawing attention to the wall and the TV sat on it too.   

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