Fun Things to Do in Majorca as a Family

Majorca, or Mallorca, is a lovely holiday destination for all kinds of travellers, including couples looking for a romantic getaway or friend groups seeking great nightlife experiences. It is particularly popular amongst families with children too, as the largest Balearic island offers lots of all-inclusive kids-friendly hotels, lovely beaches, pleasant weather throughout the year and a huge variety of foods – there is something for both adults and the little ones! 

However, all parents know how difficult it can be to keep their children entertained during the holidays, since restaurants and beaches can get boring pretty quickly to them. If you are looking for family activities and plans in Majorca, here are some great options that kids as well as the parents will get excited about. 

Palma Aquarium

A family day out in the aquarium is always lots of fun and the Palma Aquarium, in particular, is worth a visit. The kids will get a chance to see some of the most unique and unusual of the sea creatures, including exotic fishes, humpback whales and even sharks. 

The aquarium offers many unique experiences that will be new to adults too, such as a 3D immersive cinema, a backstage tour, diving with the sharks and a shark vision boat. Not only will it be a fun day out for the whole family, it will also be a good educational opportunity for the little ones to learn about sea animals and the importance of protecting our oceans. 

Palma de Majorca

The capital city of Majorca, Palma, is home to dozens of historical heritage sites and authentic experiences, so dedicating a day to explore it is an absolute must on a family holiday. One of the main things to see in the capital is the Catedral de Mallorca (La Seo) near the Old Harbour. The magnificent 6,600-square-metre and 44-metre tall building dates back to the 13th century. Its glorious interior and unique details does not fail to amaze each and every one of its visitors. 

Additionally, the Bellver Castle is another must-visit in the city of Pala. Situated on a hill just a couple of kilometres away from the town centre, the castle was built for King James II in the 14th century and served as a royal residence. Interestingly, the building was later turned into a military prison, in the 1700s. The circular shape of this Gothical castle is rarely found in the whole of Europe, making it even more unique. 

Drach Caves

Among many natural wonders, Majorca is also home to an interconnected set of four caves, the most famous of which are Drach Caves. The caves were naturally formed over hundreds of thousands of years ago and are currently a popular tourist destination. The curious rock formations and stalactites, which look somewhat like fishhooks, will be sure to leave a positive imprint in your children’s holiday memories. 

You can visit the Drach Caves by booking one of the one-hour boat tours, which will take you on a trip through the caves, onto the underground Lake Martel and will finish with a classical music concert at the end of it. 


There is no better place to try out new watersports activities than Mallorca! With plenty of different beaches available, each of them will also have a variety of watersports available for families. This includes snorkelling, paddle boarding, jet ski or banana boat ride, waterskiing and many more. Watersports are also a great way to keep children occupied for a long time, while the parents can watch them have fun while soaking up the sun on a white-sand beach. It truly is a win-win situation for the whole family!

Train to Sóller

Getting on a train may not sound like much of a family attraction to begin with, but hear us out! This particular train journey, operating from Palma to Sóller is one of the most loved family attractions in Majorca. The train that connects the two towns is vintage, wooden – these types of trains can be seen as monuments but they are rarely still working. 

Besides the quirky mode of transport, the journey itself is absolutely stunning with breathtaking landscapes visible through the window. The final destination town, Sóller, is also a lovely place to explore as a family, with lots of great restaurants serving authentic Spanish dishes and world-famous art galleries. 

Hot air balloon flight

Majorca is also home to a beautiful mountain range, called Serra de Tramuntana. Many visitors love visiting the mountains for a stunning hike, however, this may not always be great for families with small children. So, instead, booking a hot air balloon flight above the Tramuntana mountains will allow you to witness the spectacular scenery of Majorca without the challenges of hiking to the top of them. If your kids have never been on a hot air balloon flight before, this will undoubtedly be an exciting and memorable experience for them! 

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