How to Buy Glasses Online?

How to Buy Glasses Online

Buying reading glasses/ prescription glasses online is a click away but, wait, not too quick. Quit the hurry and take some time to analyse before you finalise. There are a few things to consider before you select your perfect pair of glasses.

Consider things like your prescription, choosing an online retailer, glasses frame size and the correct type of lens for your glasses and last but not least, reviewing the return/exchange policy.

There are many benefits to buying glasses when you order online at Feel Good Contacts. Not only will you get top-quality designer frames at excellent prices but you’ll also get free scratch-resistant lenses. However, before you purchase your glasses, read this quick and easy guide on how to buy glasses online hassle free.

Signs you need glasses

Vision keeps changing with time for everyone; it is a natural process. Many people are not aware that they suffer from eye problems or perhaps need an eye optical to help them achieve better vision.

One should not underestimate the importance of eye exams; many health-related issues can be spotted through eye tests. It is advised to get your eyes tested every two years. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, get the cue and test your eyes! The signs include:

  • Frequent squinting
  • Eye fatigue or strain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Seeing halos around light

Check if you are eligible for a free eye test from the NHS. Following the eye test, you will get a prescription that will help you opt for suitable glasses or contact lenses to help your vision.

Steps to buy glasses online

Tired of going to the high street to buy glasses? Or are you new to online glasses shopping? You can easily order your perfect pair of glasses online whether you’re after prescription glasses by designer brands or a pair of cheap glasses. Also, if you are worries about the frame style suitability with your face, you’ll be pleased to know that you can try them on virtually now and experience the in-shop feel! Here are some easy steps for you to follow:

Get your prescription ready

To get started, have your current prescription at hand. It is also essential to get your pupillary distance (PD) measurement out. Do you know how to measure pupillary distance?

If your glasses prescription has expired, then you must visit your optician for an eye exam.

Once you have your PD measurements and prescription ready, it’s time for the next step. But before moving forward, here are some terminologies that might help you:

  • (+) – indicates long/far-sightedness or hyperopia
  • (-) – indicates short/near-sightedness or myopia
  • SPH (sphere) – correction for long or short sight
  • CYL (cylinder) – the amount of lens power for astigmatism
  • AXIS – angle (in degrees) between the two meridians of an astigmatic eye
  • ADD – stands for addition; the additional correction you need for reading. Used in varifocal, bifocal or reading glasses.
  • OD – oculus dexter or right eye
  • OS – oculus sinister or left eye

It is important to understand your prescription before you place your order online.

Fix your budget and style

Before diving into the research process, you must fix your budget and find out which type of lenses and frame you are after. Also, look out for discounts and exclusive offers. Please remember that some retailers do provide student discounts and reward points. So, if you are a student or a regular glasses buyer, such perks will help you save big!

Select an online retailer

Compare different online retailers and note down the pros and cons of their products and services. Reading Google and Yelp reviews is also a good practice to understand which retailers provide the best services. Visit their websites and select according to your prescription, budget and style.

Select your perfect glasses frames

Choose the colour and size of the glasses. There are various female styles available including round, cat-eye, square and rectangle frames. While selecting your perfect frames, always keep your face shape in mind. Different styles will suit different face shapes. Good news, you can easily check what glasses suit you the best by using the virtual try on available on many websites.

Choose your lenses

Enter your eyeglasses prescription and pupillary distance into the required fields. Understand lens material and thickness before deciding. You can also opt for a coating that you would like for your prescription glasses. Here are few a coating listed for you:

  • Scratch resistant – to protect the lenses from scratching easily
  • Anti-reflective coating – if you are opting for high index (1.6+; thin lenses), then your lens will already have this coating
  • Multi coats – a combination of different coatings in one (typically anti-scratch, U.V, anti-reflective, oleophobic and hydrophobic (water-resistant) coating

Review the return policy

It is always advised to go through the return policy of the retailer you choose. There is always the slightest possibility that you might not like the product, or you might find some flaw in it and want to return it. Remember to check the exchange/return policy/ warranty.

Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to get regular eye exams with dilation to ensure that you see clearly and to keep tabs on your eye health. One should be very careful with their vision

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