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How to Get Ready for Working Outside in the Winter

working outside in winter

It’s no secret that workers who spend long periods of time outdoors, have to endure some of the harshest working conditions due to being exposed to an array of elements that the winter weather brings. Employees who work within industries such as gardening and landscaping, construction, door to door deliveries such as postmen or milkmen, and the police force are all examples of workers who need to carefully consider taking safety precautions into account during their everyday duties.

In this article, we explore some of the challenges this lifestyle brings and share a few top tips on how to get ready for working outside in winter.

Wear appropriate clothing

It’s vital that any outdoor worker dresses in the appropriate clothing and safety equipment to suit their working environment. For example, gardeners should wear protective gloves and warm clothing when landscaping in the winter months. Construction workers should wear hard hats, hi-vis jackets, and work boots when on site. If you’re going to be outdoor for the majority of the day, checking the weather forecast can allow you to prepare for the day ahead – raincoats and waterproofs are other key items of clothing to invest in if your job requires you to work outdoors.

Slips, trips, and falls

Temperature drops during winter can bring the most treacherous weather conditions –and further freezing temperatures are forecast to follow across December in the UK. This becomes particularly problematic for outside workers as surfaces become slippery and dangerous. Black ice is notoriously dangerous as it’s almost impossible to see, and it only takes one small stumble to cause nasty injuries. Many pavements, car parks, or public paths are often missed out when it comes to gritting – posing a serious risk to anyone who is working outdoors. If a serious accident occurs and you think you could make a claim, be sure to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to discuss the details and get a professional opinion on what action you can take.

Take when driving

Nowadays, many outdoor workers are required to drive to and from destinations, such as postmen and delivery drivers. While this may reduce some of the time spent exposed to the elements, driving in bad weather conditions poses a new kind of threat. Icy roads can easily cause you to lose control of your car, resulting in accidents happening. The best way to prevent this is to take care when driving by reducing your speed level. This can significantly decrease the chances of having an accident when surfaces are slippery due to heavy rain, sleet, snow, or ice.

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