How You Can Beat Online Poker Odds

It is the dream, isn’t it? To sit with an incredible hand and just feel the tingle in your bones that you’re going to win the jackpot. 

Online poker gives us some of the most exciting poker games we could hope to have. And, it comes with a lot of perks too. 

Mobile poker, playing via a website on your desktop or your tablet. It is relaxing, and you can grab a snack any time you like. 

Online poker has snowballed, and it is fair to say that experts believe it will keep growing too. 

It is estimated that the online gambling market will reach a phenomenal $127 billion USD by 2027. 

Online adoption of casino gaming has been swift. The ability to play whenever and where ever you want has a lot of appeal.  

So how can you play online poker to increase your odds of winning? How can you master the poker odds, and take home the jackpot? 

Online poker fundamentals

Poker as a game is based around rules and math. Each card has a value and a set of cards has a value too, your strategy should be built around knowledge of what that value is.

Win First Mentality

Your strategy going into the games should be based around winning. Every decision you make should be heading towards a win. 

If an action will be profitable, then it is worth making. If you aren’t going to win with the cards you have – fold or bluff. 

Bluffing being the risky move here. 


The internet allows us to study for anything, and in this case, you have so many different studying methods at your disposal. 

Studying is a fundamental way to improve your skills. Here are a few things that you can use to improve your game:

  • Read some of the most recommended poker books. Seasoned and successful players usually write them. 
  • Watch live poker games and previously televised games. The commentators and players will give you a lot of information. 
  • Play, play and play more. 
  • Challenge yourself to make moves like splitting and barrelling
  • Read as many poker guides as you can find
  • Learn your playstyle. 

Learn the odds

The most crucial part of landing a big win is understanding poker odds. 

You will need to turn your cards into percentages, and those percentages will tell you how likely you can win with what you have – or what is coming. 

The formula you will use is based on the type of poker you are playing. 

Poker odds calculation tips:

  • Calculate your odds after the flops
  • Don’t guess based on what you think you know
  • Keep in mind the outs that are available to you
  • Use the outs to calculate your odds
  • Read poker odds guides to get to grips with the maths

Profit and Loss

From the moment you start playing poker online, you need to keep your finances in check. 

Profits will come from your wins. There are two kinds of winning you will have, those are Showdown earnings and non-showdown winnings. Showdown is when you have the best winning hand, and non-showdown is where others fold. 

Create a simple excel form to add your wins, how much you won, and the type of win. 

You should also track your losses. 

It won’t take long to complete after each game and will give you the best insight into your wins. 

4 & 2

There is a simple rule called the Rule of 4 & 2. Keeping this in mind will help you to know your approximate equity. 

Here is an example: 

  1. You have a gunshot straight draw on the flop
  2. This gives you 4 outs
  3. 4 x 4 = 16, so you can expects you gunshot 16% of the time by the river
  4. 4 x 2 = 8, so you can expect to hit your gunshot 8% of the time by the turn

The actual numbers for the calculations are a little higher, but it will still give you enough to make an educated guess. 

Why should you try online poker?

Playing poker online is growing in popularity, and if you haven’t joined the millions of players yet, perhaps it is time you did. Here are just a few reasons that online poker is incredible. 


Online poker is packed with people who have a passion for the game. Once you find your favourite website or app, then chances are you will be able to join lobbies and chat rooms and build your own community. 


You want to play a few games of poker, but you’re going to need to drive for a while; you might get stuck in traffic. You will need to pay for parking, and the drinks are premium priced. 

Alternatively, you can grab a cold beer or a hot coffee from your own kitchen and play immediately online. 

You are the one in control of how and when you play, thanks to online poker. 


Is one game just not enough? If you have a big enough screen, multiple screens or a tablet & pc combination, you’re in for a treat. 

You can play at multiple tables at the same time. Playing this way can increase how fast you learn the game and how proficient you become. 

The first time you multi-table, you are likely to feel a rush of excitement, but if you’re not prepared to make quick decisions, your turn time can run out. 

Bonuses and promos

If you want to maximise your cash, online poker gives you the most opportunity to make that happen. 

Here is how to maximise your bonuses:

  • Looking for great offers for signing up and depositing. 
  • Try to deposit the maximum amount to cash in on the highest cashback or deposit match
  • Sign up for newsletters, and promo emails
  • Set aside bankroll for chip packages
  • Take part in leaderboards and competitions

Safe Face

One of the main things that new poker players need to learn is to hold those tells down. An eyebrow raise on great cards can see others folding. 

Equally, if you rub your temple on a bad set of cards, you might see a lot of money hit the pot to squeeze you out or force your bluff. 

Your tells are under wraps when you play poker online. 

The big win will come from a combination of intelligent play and a deep understanding of the odds. 

Once you master the poker odds, it won’t be long before making percentages work for you. 

Lean on the knowledge of those who have had huge wins and losses before you, and avoid making the same mistakes. 

The odds are in your favour when you take the time to understand them. 

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