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The Ideal Age for a Car When Purchasing Second Hand?

The recent coronavirus pandemic, which is still lingering – albeit much less seriously, thanks to vaccine uptake – after some two and a half years, has transformed the way people work. Many people now work from home, and those who used to think nothing of cramming into trains and buses with fellow commuters are now preferring the privacy of their own car, many opting to buy a used car for the environmental and financial benefits they impart. But when choosing a second hand car how do you know which age car you should choose? Let us take a look.

Too Old

Cars that are older than five have at least two MOTs under their belts, and many of the original parts can be very worn. A car of this age, with a moderate 20,000 miles per year usage could have covered as many as one hundred thousand miles in five years. This can mean that your period of car ownership could begin on a high, having bought the car for a bargain basement price, only to descend into the misery of constant breakdowns and expensive repairs that will quickly eat up any savings made on the cost price.

Too Young

Can a second-hand car be too young? Doesn’t it just mean that you are getting a great deal: a nearly new car for second-hand prices? Well, no. Because you are getting a nearly new car for nearly new prices! The price of second-hand cars does reduce over time, but a car that is up to two years old is sold for not very much less than the price it went for when new. More downsides of buying too new a car include the fact that it might not yet be fully run-in and therefore still be suffering from teething troubles, and the fact that the environmental impact is still quite high – the longer a car is kept in good condition on the road, the smaller its carbon footprint becomes.

Just Right

Therefore, the best age for a second-hand car is when it is between two years old and five years old. Two year old cars are still pre-MOT and are likely to be in great running order, and sure to last at least another year or two before needing repairs or replacement. If you are in the market for a second-hand car, KAP offers pre-inspected cars with 100% guarantee. Check them out at KAP Used Cars Brighton Autocentre. Once you are behind the wheel of your new-to-you car, you will enjoy peace of mind and convenience.

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