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The Most Favored Window Designs by Architects

Are windows only present to keep your home efficient, airy, and for improved usability? There is much more to designing a window for your beautiful house or for an apartment. Architects have planned multiple window styles that are compatible with different facade systems in every house. Installing windows in your rooms are the best way to lift up your restraining appeal. Not every house is similarly designed, likewise, windows are designed distinctively for houses.  

The main purpose of the windows, as we all know, is to let in natural light to all parts of the room. The architect takes pleasure in designing this window as per the room’s design and makes it attractive. Some of the most accepted window styles are described in the article.

Casement Window

These types of windows were popular in the United Kingdom just before the creation of the sash window. The operable panel installed in singles or pairs hangs on a certain hinge in casement windows. The side hinges easily allow the window to move and swing outwards. The window panes open and close with the turns of a handle. The operable panel allows the window to be opened and closed like a door. The perfect spots for the construction of casement windows are near the kitchen sink or over the fireplace as these places can be tough to reach around the home. These windows are designed aesthetically to give a beautiful look to the houses.

Awning Window

You can imagine an awning window to be mounted vertically, the hinge at the top, swinging outward from the lower region. It looks as if the bottom side pushes the window outside. These windows are used by many homeowners who wish to allow the air to flow out without letting the debris in. These windows give a beautiful look to the home’s exterior. The penetration of natural light becomes easier with awning windows.

Sliding Window

Sliding windows are the most common type of windows used in households. They consist of two sashes opening and closing easily just by sliding them horizontally over the track. One can prefer sliding windows when the window surface is extremely large. It can be mounted at places where there are obstacles to be accessed, for example, over a sink or so. As mentioned earlier, sliding windows work efficiently in contemporary homes. The sashes can be easily removed and cleaned, making it easier for the users.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are usually common in modern homes. They have two sashes sliding vertically up and down the same frame. The sashes can open from both ends, either from the top or from the bottom. But, they remain in a fixed place and don’t protrude inside or the exterior of the house. The movable portions of the window allow easy operation and better ventilation.


Windows are not only the reason for letting in natural light, air, and sometimes insects to your room. They play a major role ahead of that. A room without windows will resemble a wooden box without any external passage. However, following modern trends, architects have designed windows in many ways to improve their efficiency and usability.

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