The Regulation of Irish Online Betting

During the last ten years, various laws and regulations have been passed in Ireland to legalise online casino gambling. Although physical casino halls are still banned, every game you can play in a land-based casino can be played online, including poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Irish law allows domestic and foreign operators to apply for a gaming license; you’ll find many online gambling casinos in the country, including UK operators and several European Union gambling hotspots such as Malta.

You shouldn’t have problems with the authorities while enjoying hours of fun-filled, hassle-free gambling and game playing as long as you’re properly registered with a licensed online casino.

Online Casino Regulations

Online casino gaming is the most popular kind of gambling in Ireland. But it’s just one of many, and each game has its own rules and regulations that must be followed to be played legally, and just about any game you want to play can be accessed online.

The most dramatic legislation was passed in 2003, legalising almost all online games in the country, so long as the gaming operator has the proper licensing and permits from the national gaming commission.

Sticking to only playing on licensed online gambling casinos means you’re always on the right side of the law. You can play blackjack, slots, or poker from the comfort of your home without fear of having your account seized or blocked by regulators.

Bingo Laws And Regulations in Ireland

The Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 has prohibited physical bingo operations that aren’t associated with a licensed charitable organisation. However, bingo operators skirt the law by establishing membership-only clubs and conducting games under the guise of being a private operation.

Alternatively, players have access to numerous online bingo games that are perfectly legal that domestic and international operators run. These online games have become increasingly popular due to the country’s lack of physical gaming halls.

Poker Laws and Regulations in Ireland

Just like all other forms of in-person physical gambling, commercial poker games are illegal. However, you can legally play poker online through many online gambling casinos sanctioned by the Irish Gaming Commission and issued a license to conduct digital games. Licensed online gambling casinos are subject to the jurisdiction of Ireland and must meet rigorous qualifications to operate, and their existence has fueled the rise of online gambling in Ireland.

Lottery Laws and Regulations in Ireland

Lottery games became legal with the passing of the National Lottery Act of 1986, primarily to function as a fundraising source for hospitals. The biggest games available include EuroMillions, Lotto, and the Daily Million. The lottery system also pays for televised game shows, bingo, and selling scratchcards and Millionaire Raffles to raise money for worthy charitable causes.

Sports Betting Laws and Regulations in Ireland

Sports betting has long been a favourite among Irish gamblers, well before legislation was passed to regulate the practice. The Betting Act of 1931 established sports betting rules and regulations that governed the industry through 2015, when it was amended by the Betting Act of 2015 to legalise offshore sportsbooks and foreign betting exchanges within Ireland, subjecting them to taxing and licensing laws.

The new law amends bookmakers’ licenses to allow restricted online betting from remote locations below certain revenue thresholds. Sites constantly enter the Irish market, including the likes of Rhino Bet, who as you can see are registered with the Revenue Commissioners. It also legalised betting by Irish citizens on remote gaming platforms without requiring the platform to obtain a license first.


The Irish Government has been attempting to modernise the gambling system since 2013. Several legislative efforts have been sidelined over the past eight years until the 2019 Gaming and Lotteries Act was finally passed. The gambling reforms targeted the following modifications to the gaming system in Ireland to address modern online gaming laws and regulations:

  • It created an 18-year-old minimum age limit for all gambling services
  • It established a centralised regulatory authority, similar to the UK Gambling Commission
  • It modernised the licensing of online gambling establishments and sportsbooks bookmakers
  • Legalise land-based casinos

Although the modernisation process has made slow progress, many more beneficial changes to the gaming laws in Ireland can be expected in the coming years. Nevertheless, domestic players and travelling tourists have many gambling opportunities available to them to stay sufficiently entertained throughout the country of Ireland.

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