Top Tips for Cheap Parking

Top Tips for Cheap Parking
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When traveling, there are numerous ways to save on expenses. Start with a decent planning and go from there. You can buy discounted plane tickets, travel in the off-season to save money, and even go couch-surfing to save money on hotels. Another way to save money is to find a cheap parking space near the airport. But how do you go about this? We will give you some top tips for cheap parking.

Check comparison sites with discounts

Parking at the airport is known to be expensive. Even for a short drop-off, you can expect to pay quite some pounds. Just imagine how expensive parking will be at a long stay car park when you’re traveling for a longer time. But there are ways around this. It is possible to park at the airport without having to empty your wallet, and we will tell you how. The key is preparation. Don’t just wait until you get to the airport to bother with car parking. Reserve a parking space in advance to make sure that there is availability. And this way, you know for sure that you won’t pay too much. You can reserve a spot that fits your budget and even profit from some good deals online.

Long stay car park at the airport with Parkos

If you are traveling for a while, expenses for parking can become quite high. By reserving a parking space through Parkos, you can enjoy a long stay car park for the lowest possible rates. And Parkos offers this service at a lot of different airports, big and small. So whether you are searching for parking at Leeds Bradford airport or at London Heathrow: Parkos is the way to go.

Airport car park types

When looking for parking spaces at or near the airport, you have different options to choose from. Which option best suits your needs depends on your personal preferences and your available budget. The two options listed below are the most popular option among travelers.

Park and Ride

One of the options for parking at the airport is Park and Ride. If you select this option, you can park your car at one of the off-site parkings near the airport. You park your car yourself, and a shuttle bus will be available at the location to bring you to the airport. When you’re returning from your trip, a shuttle bus will take you back to the parking as well. Park and Ride is usually the cheapest option for parking near the airport. Another plus is that you can park and pick up your car yourself. You can simply reserve this option online and use the reservation to get access and to park your car.

Meet and Greet

Would you rather not park your car yourself? Then the Meet and Greet option will probably be more appealing. When you select a Meet and Greet parking option, you can simply drive to the terminal yourself. At the location, you can hand over your car and your keys to one of the employees of the parking. He or she will make sure your car is parked safely during your trip, however long this trip is. And when you return, your car will be waiting for you at the terminal. This option can be reserved online too and might be your best option if you are in a hurry or not able to walk to and from the terminal. Because of the extra service, you can expect to pay a bit extra for a Meet and Greet. But it can definitely be worth it.

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