UK Student Loans: How to Apply – And Other Options to Consider

UK Student Loans

Are you starting your university academic year in a few months without a plan to sort out your student loans? Luckily for you, it’s not too late to begin your application and kick start your academic year comfortably.

Some students may require the help of a professional writer to apply for these loans successfully. They need to hire experts to help out with plagiarism-free essays for the application of these loans. You will also discover the need to find best essay writers in the UK who can help writing perfect student loan applications. Such applications require a specific format and style to be accepted.

The process of getting those loans is simple as it is mainly designed to help the students to complete their education without financial burdens.

The government assigned those loans to people studying so that they can take care of their tuition and other expenses. They are beneficial because they attract lower interest rates. Also, you don’t need a credit history to get one. In this guide, you will understand how UK student loans work and the steps to apply for them.

What you should know about student loans in the UK

In the UK, applications are made for Student finance, the official government body for university tuition fees and costs of living during the academic years.

Student finance offers two types of loans;

● Tuition fee loan which is paid directly to the college

● University and the maintenance loan for living costs during studying like food, accommodation, and academic materials. 

Tuition fees are fees charged by academic institutions for their services, and it covers only the core components of your course. Also, it caters to the costs of academic activities and educational facilities needed for effective learning.

For the maintenance loan, a student’s amount depends mainly on their household earnings and where they are studying.

Student finance sets all these criteria to make sure that recipients can pay back these loans effectively. The recipients of student finance are expected to reimburse their loans once they start earning above a minimum salary after graduation.

How to apply for students loans in the UK

Now that you’ve known all there is to know about student loans, how do you apply for them? The mode of application for college loans depends on your student history and your citizenship. Below are the criteria needed for each type of student for the Student finance 2021/22.

For new English students

 Full-time and part-time students can apply online to Student Finance England. Here are the steps you should take:  

1. First, set up an online account on student finance

2. Log in into your account and finish the application

3. Include all necessary details asked. Be aware that all details go through an affirmative process, so make sure your details are correct.

4. Provide proof of identity, if asked. 

If you find it difficult to apply online, you can use the form finder to get the necessary forms. For other inquiries, you can call Student Finance, England. 

For old English students who are moving a year up or repeating the year, log in to your student finance account and apply online.  

For students returning to school after taking a leave of absence for personal reasons

1. You are to log in to your student finance account and apply online. Also, you must send a letter on why you decided to take a break from your studies with corroborating proof.

2. A proof can be an official letter from your doctor or therapist, a letter from your educational institution, or duplicates of birth or death certificates. 

3. Send the letter and evidence with your online account to Student Finance England. You can also send it by post to Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington, DL1 9HJ.

4. A letter of how much you will receive should be sent to you within eight weeks. 

For New EU students, students applying for tuition fees and maintenance costs are to apply online.

For students who are applying for tuition fees only, the application mode is by post. A confirmatory test of how much you will get would be sent within six weeks.

For old Students

For students applying for tuition fees only, application forms would be sent for you to fill and return through the post. Make sure your most recent address is updated on your student finance account.

What other help is there?

There are hardly any other alternative student loans as good as the student loans discussed in this article. However, students can apply for loans from private companies. But, the interest on these loans can sometimes be expensive to reimburse these organizations.


These student loans are designed to help you with your educational costs while you learn. Also, they are pretty repayable with little or no stress on the part of the recipient. We hope you’ll find this information valuable and efficient for your application. Have a wonderful and successful academic year!

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