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When to Give Flowers and How to Choose a Bouquet

Signs of attention may be different. But bouquets of flowers are a special sign that will melt the heart of any person without words. Flowers can be given to loved ones even without any reason. But there are cases in which it is desirable or even necessary to give floral arrangements. We will talk about them in this article.

Top Occasions to Give Flowers

It is appropriate to give flowers at any time of the day and in any season of the year, for the most insignificant or grandiose occasion, or even without it, just like that! Bright bouquets cause a smile, cheer up, and warm the soul. After all, a positive attitude in life and a good mood are the key to well-being.

There are several occasions for flowers in which you should give beautiful bouquets:

  • Birthday, March 8, Valentine’s Day.
  • Mothers Day.
  • Wedding.
  • Professional holiday.
  • Birth of a child.
  • Get-well plants.

Criteria for Choosing Flowers

When choosing a type of flowers for bouquet, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the occasion. The status of the relationship, as well as the age of the gifted person, should be considered.

Bouquets and their composition will be different, depending on who you give them to:

  • Wife and beloved woman.
  • Mother, sister, or other relative.
  • A well-known person or official.
  • Colleague, boss, and business partner.

Flowers for Mother

Bouquets for mom are made individually. A mandatory requirement is to select plants and their colours according to the age of the woman. The bouquet must be fully consistent with the mother’s idea of how the ideal composition should look like. As a rule, the concept of ideality is associated with memories from the past and family traditions. That’s why you should find the flowers that your mother loves. It can be not only roses, but also chrysanthemums, purple irises, or even exotic plants like orchids. The main thing is to please your mother.

Flowers for Beloved Woman

The best win-win option for a beloved woman is red-shaded roses. Such a bouquet of flowers image is a recognized symbol of love. In Europe, they are perceived as a messenger of love feelings.

When choosing a bouquet for a specific date, you should consider the following features:

  • On February 14, you can give a bouquet of any red plants which your wife or girlfriend likes.
  • On March 8, traditional spring plants, such as tulips or daffodils, are suitable.
  • For a wedding anniversary, you should pick up noble white or cream roses.
  • There are no restrictions on a birthday, so you can safely pick up the flowers your woman loves.

Flowers for a Relative or Friend

What plants to give to a young relative, sister, or cousin? When composing a bouquet, you should pay attention to the following flowers:

  • Small pink carnations.
  • Bush roses.
  • Pink, white, and cream roses.
  • Lilies of the valley.

It is customary to give bouquets to young women with open buds. Shades of plants should be pink, variegated, and light.

For women of mature age, you should select rather voluminous bouquets of roses or chrysanthemums of saturated colours. You can also pay attention to lilies with a red-orange colour or large gladioli.

Flowers for a Business Partner

For a business partner, choose a medium-sized, not-too-bright bouquet. The composition should be distinguished by restraint, conciseness, and style. Packaging should be expensive and of high quality without unnecessary decor. Of the flowers, spray roses, gerberas, alstroemerias, eustoma, tulips, or exotic plants with straight lines are more suitable.

Bright red roses cannot be chosen for a present to business partners and officials unless they are part of a composite bouquet. If red roses are included in the flower arrangement, but at the same time it is not dominated, then this is acceptable.

There are general gift occasions for presenting a bouquet such as a long-awaited meeting, birthday, March 8, Valentine’s Day, and many others. But you can give bouquets using local flowers delivery for any particular reason. It can be a sign of attention, respect, or sympathy.

There are no strict rules for how often you can give bouquets. However, according to the woman’s opinion, you should not be limited only to special occasions. Imagine how unexpectedly pleasant it will be for your loved one to receive a flower present for no reason. Such a pleasant surprise will turn even the most ordinary day into a real holiday.

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