10 Hidden Gems in Europe you Need to Visit in 2021

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You want to fly far from cities, away from the noise and tension more now than ever. You want independence, nature, completely open areas; you want to try new flavours, meet other people, experience new environments. You pursue exclusive experiences in places, free from mass tourism, as opposed to globalisation. 

By living in the best rare treasures in Europe, one’s next vacation should offer the opportunity to interact with nature, and with oneself. Live your true moments with a memorable vacation in Bohinj, Slovenia. In the most scenic national park of Slovenia, be mollified by the breeze admiring the pine trees, explore farms or artisan items and go on a recreational holiday by bike, kayak or hiking. You may also want to flee to the Azores, one of Europe’s last nature reserves in which you can see whales and explore the world’s rare plants and animals guarded by the regional authorities.

We have curated a list of the 10 most exquisite secret gems in Europe. So, explore, detach from tension, chaos, and stay away from the cliche and crowded tourist spots.

1. Agüero – Huesca in Spain 

The fine hidden gem of Spain is an incredible village surrounded by enormous 200m high rock formations. The “Los Mallos” mountains are admired by adventurers, explorers and Instagrammers searching for interesting locations in the world. 

Make sure to visit the Church of Santiago and experience the beauty of its beautiful stained glass windows portraying biblical scenes. To find out the best places to take pictures of this outstanding location, walk through the village. Visit Aguero in mid-August and enjoy street shows, theatre, music, great food and good wine at the city fest.

2. Ozalj, Croatia

Situated in the north of the city of Karlovac, Ozalj is an hour drive away from the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Only a few visitors, however, have seemed to know about Ozalj, making it a perfect place for someone looking to spend a peaceful day off the beaten track. It is hard to reach Ozalj by public transport, so it is suggested that you drive there directly.

The Ozalj Munjara hydroelectric power plant and the Ozalj Fortress are the two key sites of significance. The sights, particularly on a clear day, are alluring. The fortress has been made into a castle for tourists to pay to wander around and admire the scenery.

3. Cefalu, Sicily in Italy 

For tourists searching for authenticity, Cefalu is the ultimate spot. Explore the mediaeval fishing port, the town centre, the church and the beach, which is Sicily’s most beautiful beach. We suggest the B&B Olas de Mar if you would like to stay in Cefalu; that is just a 1-minute walk to the beach and sea sights. This place is perfect to visit all year round. 

The best times to visit are April- May and September-October. One can go for temple gazing, beach lazing or hiking.

4. Adishi in Georgia 

Amidst the mountains of Georgia, Adishi is a remote, remote village. Experience the authentic beauty in the heart of nature and witness ski adventures. Adishi is the best location for adversaries of beaten tracks (but there will not be any ski lifts or marking outs present).

The ideal time to visit Adishi is June-August, as one can enjoy the pleasant weather with little rainfall.

5. Torquay in Devon

On the French Riviera, Torquay is a little like Cannes or Nice. This is one of the English Riviera’s most amazing places, with a soothing climate that is favourable for tropical plant growth. 

The uncrowded, clear marina and stunning seafront, make it a perfect haven for families who are looking to relax and have a taste for adventure. 

To experience a soothing climate, visit here during the month of June-August. 

6. Perast in Montenegro 

Until recently, the montage of temples, royal palaces, and surrounding islets, Perast has drawn tourists. Having 16 churches in all, Perast is potentially the world’s highest per capita church.

St. Nicholas Cathedral, a Baroque marvel dating back to the 17th century, is by far the most magnificent among them. The city is also known for its beautiful mountains overlooking the bay below. It’s no surprise that Perast is one of the most overlooked towns to visit in Europe, with that kind of beauty and charm.

7. Crovie, Aberdeenshire – Scotland

Crovie is a tiny village in the Aberdeenshire area in the North of Scotland. The enchanting beauty of this village and spellbinding views make it a perfect vacation spot in Europe. Facing the sea, there is just one road and 50 homes. The route is so narrow that people have to park their vehicles from outside the area. One can find holiday homes and self-catering accommodations here.

8. Erfurt and Thuringia in Germany

Going back to about 700 AD, the city gradually evolved into an important trade hub in the Middle Ages, and even though the old town survived the Second World War, you can still enjoy it as it used to be. Home to the earliest university in Germany, the city has a youthful aura, and the beer gardens are packed throughout the summer season. Every lane seems lively, and the palatable ice creams are a must-have. The city’s highlights are the majestic cathedral, castles and Merchants Bridge, an elegant crossing of cobbled streets lined with little boutique sites.

9. Derry in North Ireland 

Abundant of rich, historic spots, friendly people and delicacies, Derry is an absolute gem in Europe. Stroll by the walls that are nearly 20 feet high and are about a mile – encircling the city in one of the only surviving fully walled European cities. Derry is ideal for travel throughout the year, but it usually comes alive during the warmer months, just like the rest of the United Kingdom. The days are long and mostly warm and sunny.

10. Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Sao Miguel – Azores in Portugal 

The islet of Vila Franca do Campo, overlooking the island of Sao Miguel, the largest island of the Azores archipelago, is the icing on the cake for your stay in the Azores. This tiny island, just 1 kilometre from the coast, is a useful aspect of an enormous underwater volcano. In this special, small corner of paradise, crystal blue waters and a small beach await you.

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