5 of the Best Ways to Travel

With Christmas well and truly over, now is the time to turn your attention to summer and book yourself a trip away. The whole process of booking a breakaway is a fun one, from choosing the best way to travel to deciding the hotel, country you want to visit and most importantly the month you want to go away in. Depending on the type of breakaway you are after will most likely decide on the month you will go away in. 

So before deciding on where you are going, we wanted to help give you some suggestions on the best way to travel. After all, the way you travel can have a big effect on the costs of your trip. Below are five different suggestions. 

Travel on a cruise ship

Have you been on a cruise ship before? Each year cruising is becoming more and more popular due to the many benefits it brings. By going on a cruise you will get to choose the countries you want to visit, travel in luxury and enjoy taking in the beautiful views from the sea. Depending on whether you are going away with kids or not, different cruise lines have different criteria, meaning you can be on an adult-only ship, or a family-friendly one. Plus a cruise ship ticks off the best way to travel and your accommodation. 

Drive to the country 

Instead of going for the traditional route of flying to your chosen destination, why not rent a car (or take your own car) and drive instead. Driving allows you to explore other areas whilst on the route, it means you have a car to explore with when at the destination and it can be cheaper than flying. Plus, you’ll definitely benefit from being able to pack as much as you would like, instead of sticking to the airline standard 20kg policy. One last benefit from driving a car is that you can travel at your own timings, you are not stuck to the flight times being offered. 

Fly on a plane 

Depending on where you are based, in most cases the most effective way to get to another country is to fly there. More often than not this is the quickest route and surprisingly can be the cheapest route when compared to driving or catching a train. When flying you will be able to reach further out destinations which you may not be able to drive to and there is no vehicle maintenance or upkeep that you will have to keep in mind when over in your chosen destination. Depending on your budget, you could even upgrade to first-class or business class to make your journey that little bit more enjoyable For the ultimate experience you could get your own personal charter flight with your own direct contact who will assist you in booking your flights all the way to returning home. 

Travel by bus 

The most cost-effective way to travel could be by bus, although this may be the longest and most unpleasant journey out of all the options. Depending on where you are visiting most countries will have a bus service that will take you from one destination to the other. One of the most popular areas that this is done in, is Europe. Most journeys can be as long as 12 hours, even longer sometimes but with the money you save you can put this towards upgrading your accommodation or having an extra excursion or two when away. 

Catch a train 

Each country has their own transport links and depending on how effective they are, arriving by train can be a viable option. A train is often quicker than a car or bus, but slower than a plane. The price points can vary depending on if you can get an advance ticket but if you can, it can be a very affordable method of transport. If you are travelling from country to country, you will often find trains that will run all night and they will have plenty of space for you to get up and stretch your legs after sitting down for a while. As touched upon on the bus section, Europe is a popular destination for travelling by train as many countries have good links between them.

Overall, the decision on the type of travel you will do will heavily rely on the country you fancy visiting and the country you are leaving from. If you are based in Europe, their transport links are very good allowing you to travel with most methods above. If you are further afield a couple of the suggestions above may not be an option. 

When you are going away, what do you consider as the best travel option? Are there any travel options you would like to add to our list above? Have you recently booked a holiday and where will you be going? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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