6 Great Games to Play Today


The gaming industry has come a long way since its inception and, particularly in the last decade or so, the technology around the development and production of video games and their consoles has exploded into something truly incredible. This means that the market is heavily saturated with a plethora of high quality and enjoyable games, which itself creates a problem. With so many high-quality games on the market, how do you decide what to play? This article aims to help by suggesting a number of excellent games which you might enjoy playing.

1. The Last of Us: Part II

The initial installment of The Last of Us game series was nothing short of exceptional, spinning a tale of zombies, humans, hope, and despair that set the gaming world aflame with its quality and execution. The next installment, The Last of Us: Part II, seems to be a worthy successor to the legacy of its progenitor, spinning a tale that will have you hanging on to each installment with bated breath.

2. Shadow of War

Shadow of Mordor was an exceptionally enjoyable romp throughout the mythical hellscape of Mordor, slaying Uruk-hai and progressing through a wonderful story all while basking in the brilliance of the player controls. The game brought a wonderful assortment of mechanics and story to the table and left its players thoroughly satisfied as a result. It would seem that Shadow of War, however, was not content to simply follow in the footsteps of its predecessor and in fact had to go and improve on it, making this wonderful game a truly spectacular experience for fans of middle earth and gaming alike.

3. Hades

The game that took the roguelike genre and forced even its staunchest critics to enjoy the experience is absolutely one you should partake of, especially if you are a fan of the roguelike experience. Hades brings such a sparkling assortment of gameplay mechanics, story, and incredible gameplay that many players are still stunned by its depth and quality.

4. Online Casino Games

If you are looking for a chill gaming experience, look no further than the wonderful casino games recommended by Top Mobile Casino, these incredibly enjoyable games are high quality fun and carefully compared with one another to recommend you the best of the lot.

5. Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Whether or not you had discovered Shepherd and their legendary crew before the release of the Legendary Edition in May, you are now presented with a brilliant opportunity to play one of the greatest sci-fi games of all time in sparkling remastered glory. The legendary edition not only includes all three titles in the Mass Effect original trilogy, all fully remastered, but also all of their DLCs. What an opportunity.

6. Subnautica: Below Zero

Finally, the recently released sequel to the splash hit open world survival experience that was Subnautica has finally found its way out of development and into a full release. It would seem that the time spent in development was not wasted either, this wonderful game is a worthy sequel to Subnautica and a brilliant experience all around.

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