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6 Steps to Transform Your House

6 Steps to Transform Your House

Living in your dream house can become a reality if you choose to transform it. The new trends that have entered the market might have captured your attention, or you probably got bored of your outdated living space. 

It’s not easy to completely change the appearance of your home; it is a long process that requires patience, but for a comfortable and welcoming house, it’s worth the time.

In this article you will find  6 essential steps to help you completely transform your house:

1. Establish your budget

It’s crucial to establish a budget when you decide to renovate your house. If you don’t want to break the bank, set the amount of money you are willing to spend for your home transformation in order to browse for the suitable options of materials and furniture on the market.

When you determine your home renovation budget, it’s easier to divide the costs for each room by doing some research on the market. Keep in mind that you can’t find the exact costs of everything until you seek advice from a professional, prior to that, it’s essential to estimate how much you’re willing to spend for your renovation in order to set a realistic budget.

2. Make a plan

When planning a home renovation, it’s essential to have all your ideas sorted and write down the exact phases so you know where to start.

Here are some essential points to add to your house makeover list:

– Flooring: decide the colours and materials.

– Walls: choose if you want to remove a wall for an open-space layout

– Plumbing and heating: fix outdated electrical systems and consider underfloor heating

– Carpentry: replace old doors with  new designs and maybe add a staircase

– Windows: create new openings or replace old window frames

– Furniture: change any damaged furniture piece

– Materials: if you know the design you are going for, write down the materials you will use according to the style of the rooms.

Being clear regarding your goals is a must to communicate to your contractors and builders your expectations and ensure an impeccable final look.                                                                                                                                                        

3. Find the perfect design style

Maybe the main reason why you decided to renovate your home is because you felt inspired by the new design trends running online. Choosing the perfect style that fits your interior design  expectations is a must to obtain your dream house. Interior design experts say that choosing the design style for your house is the first step in order to select the perfect furniture. Nowadays, home design doesn’t follow specific rules in terms of style. What was considered outdated a few years ago had its comeback this year and the most wanted monochromatic white houses went extinct.

Here are some examples of timeless home designs:

– Luxurious: marble is a synonym for luxury. Choosing to integrate this magnificent stone in your house for the flooring and countertops will be the perfect start-up point for an opulent design that stands the test of time.

– Vintage: this sophisticated style allows you to achieve a traditional timeless aesthetic. Blending modern elements with vintage details is a time-proof choice.

– Natural: bringing nature indoors, adopting earthy tones, and integrating natural stones creates the perfect overall modern look.

– Modern: obtain a modern look with neutral colours like beige, grey and white to give a sense of minimalism and functionality.

– Farmhouse: get a rustic overall look, using organic and natural materials.

4.  Work with an expert

For a house renovation, there are plenty of experts on the market ready to help your project flourish. For example, sharing your ideas with an expert designer is the perfect solution for creating a unique house design.

Thanks to the professional perspective of the person you choose to work with, you can establish the style you would like to embrace for your home transformation.

Also, as you can’t DIY everything, you need to leave the hard work to professionals. First of all, it’s essential to seek help from a contractor who can help you with the logistical aspects of your home remodelling. A contractor will obtain the permits for the project and provide indispensable materials.

If you want to completely change the structure of your house and give it a new life, an architect will serve your needs as they are able to project the overall look of your living space.

5. Design according to the room

Living room: this is a large area of your house, and keeping it simple and clean will make your living room appear even bigger. You can opt for a classic design with neutral tones for your walls and outstanding wood furniture to add depth.

Bedroom: the main purpose when renovating a bedroom is to make your sleeping space a pleasant room to recharge after a long day. Consider warm lighting for a relaxed experience and earthy warm colours.

Kitchen: for your cooking space, you can embrace the idea of a minimal design style, with sleek handleless cabinets and hidden storage space. An elite colour option is light tones; also, consider integrating natural stones for your countertops.Suppose your budget doesn’t allow you to change the entire kitchen furniture, you can swap the old cabinet doors with new ones to match the new style of the room. 

Bathroom: Picking a darker colour is a great idea that enables you to contrast with bright, cool lighting for a luxurious effect.

6. Final décor

Final decoration touches can make the most out of your newly renovated house. It is important to decorate your rooms according to the design you choose. These are some ideas for the perfect final touch:

– Art: adopt elegance, choosing to hang beautiful art pieces on your walls

– Plants and flowers: bringing nature indoors will make your living space feel like a warm season.

– Lighting: as we said before, light sets the vibe of your rooms. To make your space even more fascinating, create a geometrical game with pendules in different shapes.

The bottom line

A house renovation can be stressful, but once you’ve created your dream house, you can pour a glass of champagne and enjoy the beauty of your work despite the long process behind it.

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