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Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

Makeup is a blessing for covering up spots and blemishes and enhancing your facial features. However, wearing makeup also brings some unavoidable challenges if you wear glasses all day. To avoid irritating problems such as nose pad-shaped marks on the side of your nose, smudged foundation on your frames and flaking mascara on your lenses, it’s essential to keep in mind what type of makeup you should use and how to apply it.

If you are frustrated with your glasses ruining your makeup and vice-versa, then read on, we’ve compiled a list of top makeup tips for eyeglass wearers:

Apply Primer and Foundation

The friction between glasses and foundation can cause disruption to your makeup. To avoid this, you need to apply primer exactly where the glasses sit on your face, to ensure a smooth and long-lasting application. Follow your primer with an oil-free matte foundation and keep the coverage light on these areas.

The most important step when it comes to preventing your glasses from lifting your foundation, is to set it with translucent powder. Pay extra attention to the bridge of your nose to keep your glasses from slipping down and rubbing off your makeup.

Undereye Concealer

Glasses cast extra shadows around your eye area, and they can also highlight existing shadows and any creases in your eye makeup.

The trick here is to use a light-reflecting concealer under your eyes to counteract the shadows, mixed with a long-wearing, yellow-tinted concealer to neutralise any discolouration. Make sure you blend, blend, blend and then fix in place with a setting spray.

Show Off Your Blush

A common complaint for glasses wearers is that blusher disappears as soon as you pop your specs on.

To ensure your blusher can still be seen while wearing glasses, apply it to the apples of your cheeks, then blend it towards your ears and down toward your jawline. If you’re worried about it rubbing off on your glasses, try using a liquid blusher instead and use your fingers to dab it on.

Groom Your Brows

Glasses are the frames for your eyes, but your eyebrows are the frames for your glasses. Depending on what type of frames you wear, your brows may become more prominent with your glasses on. If your frames are thin and delicate, your eyebrows will be emphasised, so spend a bit more time making sure they’re neat and tidy.

To keep your brows in tip top shape, start by combing your brows upwards and trimming off any extra length. Next, fill in any gaps with a brow pencil or powder, and then finish off with a touch of brow gel to keep them in place.

Use your glasses to guide you and don’t ever take your brows past the end of the frames. Also bear in mind, that if your eye area is magnified by your lenses then brow re-growth will be accentuated, so use tweezers to pluck away any stray hairs before popping your glasses on.

Adjust Your Eyeliner

A great way to accentuate your eyes is with eyeliner. The rule of thumb when wearing glasses is to match the thickness of your eyeliner to the thickness of your frames. Keep your liner delicate when wearing thin frames and go thicker and bolder if your frames are bigger.

You can help widen the look of your eyes by applying some nude-coloured eyeliner along your waterline. And, if you have bold, colourful frames in greens or blues, get creative and use eyeliner in shades that match them.

Have Fun with Eyeshadow

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your eyeshadow. Make your eyes pop with beautiful pastels and striking shimmers to draw attention to your peepers. These gorgeous hues work wonders for brightening the eye area and bringing some drama from under those lenses.

Try to avoid applying eye shadow higher than the top of your glasses, as it may rub off on the frames. Try adding a touch of highlighter to your brow bone instead.

Lucious Lashes

When it comes to your lashes, prioritising curl and volume over length is the way to go. Use a thickening or volumising mascara, rather than a lengthening one. That way, your lashes won’t brush against the lens every time you blink, which can be incredibly annoying!

Use an eyelash curler to curl up your lashes before applying mascara to them. Looking upwards, ensure all your lashes are caught inside the curler and then gently press them together for approximately ten seconds. If you already have quite long lashes, switch your mascara to a waterproof formula so it won’t smudge all over your lenses during the day.

Bring the balance

Glasses draw a lot of attention to the upper portion of your face, so don’t forget about your lower features and make sure you balance out your look with a flattering lip colour.


Wearing glasses doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup. All you need to do is make some small tweaks to your routine to ensure that your makeup compliments your frames. If you follow the above tips, you can apply makeup in a way that flatters both your face and your glasses and creates a gorgeous glow that shows off the authentic you.

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