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The Four Types of Shower Cabins or Enclosures – Choosing the Right Fit for Your Needs

The Four Types of Shower Cabins or Enclosures – Choosing the Right Fit for Your Needs

If you are looking to save space in your bathroom but would like something appealing and attractive, the shower enclosure is ideal – and it doesn’t even have to cost you an arm and a leg if you know what to choose. Nowadays, it takes on a whole new meaning as well – shower cabins and enclosures are a lot more luxurious and come in all shapes and sizes, too. You can get one according to your requirements and your budget, and there’s no denying that a well-designed shower cabin or enclosure can transform your bathroom and make it look like a regular spa – complete with a fabulous shower head or all the bells and whistles you may be seeking. But first – you have to choose the ideal type. Here, then, are the four types of shower cabins or enclosures – and how to choose the right fit for your needs.

1. The square enclosure

This type of cabin or enclosure has four equal lengths on all its sides, hence the name. It is indeed a space-saver because you can fit it along a wall of your bathroom or in a corner, and it’s very simple and no fuss to install. The primary material in a square enclosure is the glass panels, which give an unobstructed view both inside and out and allows you to believe that the bathroom is bigger – even when it is not. The square shower enclosure is ideal if you want to find budget-friendly shower enclosures that are also convenient and easy to set up.

2. The quadrant (or semi-oval) enclosure

The second kind of shower enclosure that quickly made waves as soon as it was introduced is the quadrant or semi-oval shower enclosure. It has a unique appearance in that it has two singular ends, but its middle portion has a straight and curved side. The straight portion is against the wall, and the curved portion faces outwards towards the rest of the bathroom space. Because of its unique and definitive design, you can maximise whatever space you have, and it is a better space-saver than the rectangular or square-shaped enclosure.

3. The rectangular enclosure

Another worthy buy – and in fact, homeowners have been buying them for years – is the rectangular enclosure or cabin. As you can imagine, the rectangular cabin or enclosure is larger than a square or quadrant-shaped enclosure, and its long shape makes it easier for the user to move around. If you also have an irregularly- or awkwardly-shaped bathroom, this may be ideal for you (for example, it’s a great choice if your bathroom is not a perfect square). The rectangular-shaped enclosure also has longer walls on the sides and shorter walls at the ends.

4. The half-circle enclosure

This shower enclosure looks like a quadrant but is smaller and more compact. It has one straight edge or side along with other curved sides, and most consumers prefer it because it has a more modern and stylish look than others. But be warned – this cabin or enclosure needs more space, contrary to what you may think, and the installation is also more complex, especially if you choose it with an accompanying steam shower.

Most units, however, are easily installed – you can even install them whilst taking care of other remodelling projects. And best of all, they’re budget-friendly – but still look stylish.

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