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Motorized TV Lifts: How Do They Work And How Can You Use Them To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

There was a time when a television just sat at one particular place in the living room. But things have changed now, and TV screens can be found in different places across the house. Whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen, or even the patio, a modern home can have a TV screen anywhere. TV screens can be fitted inside cabinets and hidden behind cupboards. Such ergonomic wonders can be achieved with the help of a motorized TV lift. In this post, we will find out more about motorized TV lifts and give you some bonus tips about optimizing your space.

Motorized TV Lifts: A Fabulous Addition To Any Modern Home

The motorized flat-screen TV mount is ideal for obtaining the best viewing angle. Without leaving the sofa or armchair, use the remote control of your motorized TV stand to choose the orientation as you wish.

Mounted on the wall or floor, save space with the motorized lift mount for flat screens, designed to easily remove your TV from a cabinet in your home using a remote control and to store it when you don’t want to use it. 

Motorized TV lifts are ideal for individuals, but also for audiovisual integration or hospitality professionals. These days, such screens are becoming increasingly common in homes.

What are VESA regulations?

VESA refers to the acronym Video Electronics Standards Association. It is the distance between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV (shown as “horizontal distance x vertical distance”). This VESA standard is used for mounting televisions and other displays on a wall mount, and motorized TV mounts. 

What are motorized TV mounts with remote control?

It is a motorized mechanism that moves TV screens vertically or horizontally. The motorized TV stand with remote control allows you to move the screen away or hide it in a piece of furniture, a structure, or under the bed. The motorized TV stand adds a sophisticated touch to your home and saves you space.

What details should be taken into account before purchasing a motorized TV lift? 

Size of your television screen

This is a very important question, as you will need to choose a motorized TV mount with a remote control that has a compatible mounting bracket in terms of screen size and (VESA regulations), also choose a strong mount that can support your screen. Choose a stand with a higher load capacity than your TV’s weight.

Installation location

Depending on whether it is installed on the floor, on a piece of furniture, or fixed on the wall. Check that the motorized TV mount you want to buy allows this installation. Choose a motorized stand with a wide base for greater stability, with multiple fixing points on the floor and also on the wall.


Many motorized TV mounts with remote control are similar, with low prices. It is important to compare the materials, the origin, and the type of service offered: after-sales service and warranty. Choose a motorized TV stand with a remote control with an internal motor, protected by steel. Avoid the external motor protected by plastic, the slightest impact could damage the motor. Dust residue could also hinder the proper functioning of the product.


How are you going to use your motorized TV stand with remote control? It is logical to use a remote control, whether there is a control keyboard or not. You should prefer systems with a control keyboard and position memory, this is very practical since your television will automatically stop at the correct height for perfect viewing. 

What comes with a motorized TV lift?

Control box

It is the main part of the motorized TV riser stand. A good control box should have a multitude of safety features to allow for the long life of your motorized TV mount.


Allows the lifting of the motorized arm, it must have a long cycle and be silent. It must have a thermal safety device to prevent overheating and thus preserve it over time.

Remote control

We recommend a radio frequency remote control, you can use it by leaving the control box on the furniture, its range can reach up to 8 meters.

Control keyboard

The keyboard allows you to view security programs and errors, so if your motorized TV stand has a problem, you can identify the problem and fix it.

Quick tips to make the most of a small space

To optimize space within a small house, it is important to take advantage of every centimetre and look for creative solutions that maximize the functionality and aesthetics of the place. Here’s how you can achieve it:

Use multifunctional furniture

Opt for furniture that has more than one function, such as sofa beds, folding tables, or shelves with storage space. This way, you can make the most of the available space and adapt it according to your needs.

Take advantage of the walls

Walls are a great opportunity to create more storage space. Install floating shelves, add hooks to hang kitchen utensils, or use vertical organizers to store shoes or accessories. This will allow you to free up floor space and keep everything tidy and accessible.

Use light colours

Light colours, such as white or pastel tones, can make a small space appear larger and brighter. Paint the walls and use furniture and textiles in light tones to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Take advantage of natural light

Natural light can make a small space feel more open and welcoming. Avoid heavy curtains that block light and use translucent curtains or blinds that allow natural light to pass through. Additionally, use strategically placed mirrors to reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Organize and get rid of unnecessary things

In a small space, it is essential to maintain order and get rid of what is not necessary. Organize your belongings efficiently, use storage boxes or baskets to keep everything in its place, and consider donating or selling items you no longer use.

Create hidden storage areas

Look for storage solutions that integrate into the design of the space, such as built-in wardrobes, beds with storage space underneath, or tables with drawers. This way, you can store your belongings discreetly and keep the space clear.

Use corners

Corners are usually wasted spaces in a small place. Install shelves in the corners, use side tables, or place plants to give life to these spaces and make the most of them.

Remember that each space is unique, so it is important to adapt these solutions to your personal needs and tastes. With a little creativity and planning, you can optimize a small house into a functional and cozy place.

How can a motorized TV lift improve your home decor?

The possibility of having a home with few square meters poses a challenge in terms of making the most of the available space. In this sense, an element that can make a difference is the inclusion of a motorized television lift.

A motorized television lift is an innovative solution that saves space and optimizes the layout of the home. With this device, it is possible to hide the television when it is not in use, thus freeing up space for other activities. In addition, the fact that it is motorized facilitates its use and makes it a practical and comfortable option for anyone.

Modern motorized TV lifts are renowned for their elegant design and functionality, making them an ideal choice for those looking to maximize space in their home without compromising aesthetics.

In addition to their practical usefulness, motorized television lifts also add a touch of sophistication and modernity to any environment.

Their ability to move smoothly and quietly, combined with the ability to adjust the height and viewing angle, provides a unique and personalized entertainment experience.

Motorized television lifts are an effective solution to optimize space in homes with a space crunch. By incorporating this type of device into your home, you can enjoy a more comfortable and functional entertainment experience, without compromising the available space.

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