Stefon Diggs’ Brother Darez Diggs Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Elevator Attack

Stefon Diggs’ Brother Darez Diggs Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Elevator Attack

Darez Diggs, the brother of Buffalo Hills star wideout Stefon Diggs and Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs can’t seem to keep his head out of trouble. After a video showing him assaulting and robbing a man was released by TMZ in June 2023, a lot of controversy arose. However, the Los Angeles Police Department didn’t arrest Darez Diggs during the investigation. However, things might change drastically now. The victim of the robbery, Christopher Griffith has pressed charges and filed a lawsuit against Darez Diggs.

According to Christopher Griffith, the brutal assault and robbery left him in immense physical pain and emotional misery. Christopher Griffith also talked about suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in his lawsuit. On top of the emotional and physical damage, Christopher Griffith also sued Darez Diggs for $100,000 in jewellery and other valuable items that he claimed were in possession on the night of the crime. Christopher Griffith has also sued the proprietor of the residential complex for damages. 

The clip released by TMZ showed the violent criminal act clearly. The CCTV footage showed Darez Diggs walking into the lift behind Christopher Griffith and holding the door. Two unidentified men then entered the lift and assaulted Christopher Griffith violently. In the process, Christopher Griffith was badly beaten and even received a kick to his face. After brutally assaulting Griffith, the assailants took his orange bag away and fled the crime scene. The bag purportedly had a lot of valuable jewellery. Darez Diggs was seen leaving the scene in another lift, away from the men who beat Christopher Griffith up.

As Darez Diggs didn’t visibly carry out any act of violence against Christopher Griffith, a lot of people have speculated that he was the mastermind behind the whole incident. He planned out the heist and got two men to do his dirty work for him. However, the Los Angeles Police Department investigated him nonetheless. Fortunately for Darez Diggs, he hasn’t been arrested so far. 

Stefon Diggs, Darez Diggs’ brother plays for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills

Darez Diggs has maintained silence towards the whole incident and hasn’t made any public comment. Darez Diggs’ famous brothers Stefon and Trevon Diggs have also not made any public statement regarding the whole incident. Most recently, Darez Diggs was seen with his brother Stefon Diggs during his Youth Football Camp at the University Of Maryland.

Darez Diggs being involved in such a criminal incident has surprised quite a lot of people. It’s not like Darez Diggs comes from a family that is short of money. Two of his brothers play in the NFL and Darez Diggs himself has a fashion brand called Blue Boii. 

Luckily for Darez Diggs, the police still haven’t made any arrests regarding the lawsuit and he is currently a free man. However, things can take a sudden turn for the worse if more evidence turns up. Having rich and influential brothers might come in really handy for Darez Diggs in that scenario.

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