Adele Weight Loss: How she lost 22 kilos within a few months?

If you are active on social media and the internet, then you might have come across the news and pictures of Adele Weight Loss. The celebrity recently made headlines and shocked everyone with her drastic transformation from fat to fit.

What’s special about it? Well, the celebrity lost over 22 kilos of weight in just a few months, which is surely an amazing feat!

With her impressive weight loss, fans are now speculating what this 32-year-old personality had taken to lose so much weight in a short period?

We are already aware of the fact that she follows a strict workout regime and diet plan. But, this major transformation has raised several questions in everyone’s mind and fans are making a lot of anticipation as to what is the secret of Adele’s weight loss. 

Adele’s London-based fitness trainer and nutritionist Pete Geracimo played a pivotal role in her weight loss journey. In an interview, Pete has even shared some tips that helped the celebrity to lose those extra pounds.

Most fans, however, even came up with the theories that she might have used certain drugs or medications to get that “WOW” look. But her trainer clearly stated that her transformation is completely natural and involved no shortcuts.

For those who don’t know. Pete is one of the best trainers who firmly believe in hard work and a strict diet. He even advises others not to get involved in consuming any kind of drugs.

Adele Weight Loss: 4 things that helped the superstar

Her trainer shared an IG post where he said “When Adele and I started our fitness together, our goal was somewhat different and it was never about getting skinny. Instead, we were looking to get her in the best shape of her life”.

He even shared four important things that helped the celebrity to shed over 40 pounds of fat. Let’s have a look at them:

1. A Healthy Sirtfood Diet Plan

No matter how much you sweat in the gym, if your nutrition is inferior or not up to the mark, you’re not going to hit your goals! So, diet is surely the stepping stone in weight loss. Even for Adele, her diet played a key role in shaping her body.

When being asked to her trainer, he made a statement that the star followed the famous ‘Sirtfood diet’ that includes foods that instantly activate certain protein chains in the body, known as “Sirtuins”.

So, what the diet was all about? Let’s find out!

What is a Sirtfood Diet?

Sirtfood diet stole the limelights when a nutritionist named Glen Matten and a pharmacist named Aidan Goggins released a complete book on it in 2016. Items like dark chocolate, blueberries, green tea, walnuts, strawberries, citrus fruits, turmeric, red wine, and onions are included in this kind of diet.

And even science supports this diet! As per the researches, these food items are infused with antioxidant agents that help boost metabolism, slow down the aging process, and prevent the body’s inflammation. All these facilitate weight loss.

Other foods that fall into this category are kale, oranges, turmeric, and parsley. Even studies have proved that the Sirtfood diet may help people to lose up to 7 pounds in just a week.

2. Regular Working Out and Exercising

Another important thing that helped her in her weight loss journey is a good workout regime!

Irrespective of your fitness goals, you cannot overlook the importance of exercising! And that’s what the celebrity did!

Pete trained her around 3 times a week where she used to perform different forms of exercises, ranging from weight training to resistance band work. In addition to her workouts, she added cardio and pilates to her workouts to get into the shape she always wished for.

3. Maintaining a Good Sleep Schedule

Remember that fitness is simply like a tripod stand- Good sleep, good food, and good workouts! If any one of them falls, then you cannot get the expected results!

Hence, no matter how consistent you are with your workouts and diet, good sleep is something that you cannot ignore. A human body needs to get a sleep minimum of 7 hours to function properly and this is the time where muscles repair and grow and even the process of fat breakdown takes place.

Therefore, Adele’s trainer asked her to follow a proper sleep schedule. And, despite being a mother and having a busy schedule, she didn’t compromise her sleep. Adele took almost 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to get in shape.

4. Focused on Living Healthy and Happy

Though the internet is flooded with rumors that her transformation took place due to her breakup, US Weekly has a different viewpoint.

“She always wanted to be healthy and that’s why she has now successfully set an example for her son”. And that’s what she did! “She’s more focused on feeling good.”

Since the celebrity is all set to plan new music in the upcoming months, she wants to be fit, healthy, and active. And it couldn’t be wrong to say that she has got a ton of friends who are always alongside her to assist and motivate her.

Most fans even speculated something big is going to happen when she celebrated her 31st birthday last year and hinted she was not going to be the same.

Here’s the catch!

In an IG post of May, she said that “I’ve completely changed myself and the process is still going on and I’m going to spend the entire year on myself”.

She even said that “I’m ready to face the world with utmost confidence for the very first time in my life. We all are humans, we should be kind, live healthy, and disconnect from our smartphones to reconnect with happiness”.

In addition to the statement made, she said that “Loving yourself should be your priority and nothing could topple that”.

All these posts show that she carried an attitude to live happily and that’s what helped her succeed.

What are the Other Things Adele Did?

There’s no denying that the tremendous weight loss journey of Adele is going to motivate many of her fans worldwide.

Besides her workouts and diet, she even gave up some of her favorite routines (including tea) she used to follow.

The personality said that “I used to drink nearly 10 cups of tea daily with two teaspoons of sugars in each”. But for the sake of transformation, I gave up on my routine and now I am in the best shape of my life”.

The star’s appearance gets noticed by fans around October 2019, when she posted her picture on the IG platform with a caption, “I used to cry but now I sweat”!

This clearly indicated that she was hitting the gym and doing intense training.

It’s no secret that the celebrity and her husband split up in April 2019. The couple was with each other for 2 years and even share a 7-year-old son, Angelo Adkins.

The reason, however, is still vague behind her motivation. It could be said that she’s now working hard on her diet, workouts, and other essential things while focusing more on her upcoming projects.

Feeling inspired? What are your thoughts on her transformation? Is it natural? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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