Best Things to Do in Finland

If you’re a traveller looking to experience everything that Europe has to offer, a stop in the Nordic countries is an absolute must.

The region is home to incredible places full of fascinating history and rich culture, but one area which has built a particularly strong reputation with tourists in recent years is Finland.

Impressive visitor numbers

The country has achieved impressive visitor numbers in recent years, with statistics from its Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment revealing that foreign tourists enjoyed 6.7 million overnight stays in the country in 2017 alone.

In addition, the importance of tourism to the country’s economy was emphasised, as revenues from the sector hit €15 billion in 2017 with foreign tourists spending around €4.6 billion.

But, if you’re planning to make your own trip to the country, where should you go and what activities should you try out? Here are three very different suggestions for you to consider.

1. Get gambling

While many people might associate a location like Las Vegas with gambling, did you realise that the pastime is having an impact in Finland? The country is home to land-based casinos, while online services are thriving too.

Many brands are operating in the latter area, with this NetEnt no deposit bonus page detailing some of the names offering that kind of promotion in the country. The site explains how such deals are often very attractive, as players simply have to make an account in order to access them. Whether you’re an experienced online casino player or a beginner, seeing what’s offer in Finland may be a great idea.

2. The sauna experience

If you are keen to enjoy a traditional stay in Finland, spending time in a sauna has to be on the agenda. offers up a range of tips on how to approach them if you’re a beginner, with a particular key thing to remember being that an invitation to one is generally regarded as an honour. The site adds that you need to be aware of the vasta – a bundle of twigs which people choose to hit themselves with while relaxing in the sauna. Taking the step is thought to be good for your skin.

3. Fall in love with Levi

Levi is in Lapland and it is regarded by many as the largest ski resort in Finland. This makes it an ideal stop if you love winter sports, but it is worth bearing in mind that there are other reasons to visit the region as well.

For instance, it is a perfect place to see the famous aurora borealis – also known as the Northern Lights. There are many ways you can see them, but details how one great option is to stay in one of Levi’s glass-roofed cabins. Their design means you can look out for the lights while staying warm and cosy inside.

So much to see and do

Finland is a truly incredible country and there are so many exciting things to see and do there. We hope the ideas above have provided you with some food for thought as you plan your next trip to the region.

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