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Common Myths About Menstruation

Common Myths About Menstruation

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about periods. Because there are habits of cultural shaming around this very natural process, getting answers about your concerns can be uncomfortable. However, modern women are opening up about their period experiences and wiping out this mythology with honest, frank stories.

Tampons Take Your Virginity

Inserting or removing a tampon can stretch or open up your hymen. However, the loss of this tissue doesn’t mean that you are no longer a virgin or that you are in any way damaged. In fact, having a period means that you are healthy and well-nourished. Your first male sexual partner will not be able to tell if you use tampons. You will not feel any intrusion while using tampons.

Heavy Periods Make You Weak

According to WUKA, regular heavy bleeding can contribute to anemia. However, you can build up your body and your blood every month to reduce the impact of this condition with the right diet and supplements. For women who experience clotting and bleed past their tampon, heavy flow period pants can reduce your worries about bleeding through.

You Should Avoid Exercise and Bathing During Your Period

You should do whatever it takes to make yourself feel cared for during your period. Gently clean the genital area with mild, fragrance-free soap to avoid irritation and inflammation. Go ahead and go to the gym. Stretching and walking can reduce the intensity of cramping. A warm shower can help you feel clean; if you need one before bed as well, take one!

You Can’t Get Pregnant During Your Period

While it’s true that your risk of pregnancy drops during your period, you can still get pregnant. If you use a barrier method, your partner will need to use a condom to protect you from the risk of pregnancy. For women on the pill, your risk of pregnancy during period sex will be just as low as during a non-period day.

PMS Is Just In Your Head

PMS is not all in your head; in fact, PMS is tied directly to your entire body. The hormonal build-up that precedes your period is all about making your body hospitable to grow a fetus. When your body doesn’t need to take that positive pregnancy action, those hormone levels can drop rapidly. To protect yourself against the emotional response and energy drop of PMS, consider eating small meals and avoid foods high in sugar and caffeine. You want to avoid anything that will contribute to the roller coaster rushes of PMS.

Cramps Are Not a Big Deal

Cramps are a huge deal. For some women, cramps can be debilitating. In addition to over-the-counter or prescribed pain meds, consider your pre-period diet. Eating plenty of fiber can reduce inflammation in the gut. Pressure in the bikini area, in general, can make your period pain worse.

The menstrual system is a huge engine that allows women to create people. If you have been taught to be ashamed of your period and embarrassed by this most basic female experience, it’s time to shed those ideas and move into the 21st century.

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