Digital Aurum (DAU) And Some Additional Info On Coin98

Digital Aurum

DIgital Aurum DAU is a digital equivalent of gold. It’s analogous to the popular Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). The name is somewhat self explanatory in the sense that it literally means Digital Gold (Aurum is the Latin name for Gold which gives it its chemical symbol, Au). We have discussed C98 in a previous post and here we will cover some additional info that we didn’t cover in that post. Let’s get started with both.

Digital Aurum (DAU) And C98: All You Need To Know

Digital Aurum (DAU)

What is Digital Aurum (DAU)?

“Commodities such as gold and silver have a world market that transcends national borders, politics, religions, and race. A person may not like someone else’s religion, but he’ll accept his gold.”

Perhaps nothing showcases the power and value of gold as well as this quote from Robert Kiyosaki. Even the legendary JP Morgan said that gold is money while everything else is credit. Gold and silver have retained their values for centuries. They have never gone down to zero. The same can’t be said about stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies. That’s why gold still has a lot of charm for investors.

Digital Aurum is a digital token equivalent to 1gr of 995/1000 pure gold using the abbreviation “DAU”. The word Aurum means gold in Latin, “Digital Aurum” means “digital gold”.

The sum of all DAU tokens is stored in vaults as 995/1000 pure physical gold. If a total of 5000 DAU tokens are produced, a total of 5000gr of gold is stored in safes. If you own the DAU token, you have the same amount of gold. When the time is right, you can trade it for immediate profit

Since DAU is an ERC-20 token on an Ethereum platform, you can store your DAUs in your Ethereum wallets and transfer them whenever you want.

What are the advantages of Digital Aurum (DAU)?

You can buy or sell DAU tokens 24/7. Because DAU tokens are traded on the blockchain like Bitcoin, they can be transferred, segmented, and traded. DAU tokens have no storage fees and very low transfer fees. The ratio between DAU token and physical gold stored in secure vaults is 1:1. You can instantly track the amount of physical gold stored on the blockchain. You can also track all transfer transactions.

When transferring DAU tokens, you pay a very small amount of ETH on the Ethereum network, other than that, no commission is charged from the amount of DAU you send.

How does Digital Aurum (DAU) work?

You can exchange your 200 or more DAU tokens every weekday except public holidays, and your less than 200 DAU tokens every Thursday except public holidays, with 0.995 gram gold in 1.5, 10, 20 and 100 gram options. late one day before you must convey the amount you want to exchange.

When you exchange your DAU tokens for physical gram gold, you pay an extra commission of 0.5% of the market value, with a minimum of $50. The same rates apply to DAU token identification. When you are trading on your preferred exchanges, you only pay the trading commissions on the exchange, there is no extra commission.

How is Digital Aurum (DAU) mined?

Digital Aurum (DAU) is a non-mining cryptocurrency. The total amount of Digital Aurum (DAU) is actually kept in gold, so when the amount of gold is increased, the amount of DAU is increased.


C98 Token Distribution

This is how the C98 token is distributed across the globe:

International Exchange Launchpad Sale – 5% of the total token supply

Seed Sale – 5% of the total token supply

Strategic Selling — 15% of the total token supply

Team – 20% of the total token supply

Advisors – 2% of the total token supply

Treasury – 12% of the total token supply

Ecosystem Growth – 21% of the total token supply

Community Development – ​​20% of the total token supply

The C98 token price started at $0.25 at the time of the seed sale. Following the international exchange Launchpad token sale in July 2021, the C98 token has seen upward price momentum. With a starting price of $0.75 at the time of this exchange sale, the C98 token rallied above $2.00 after a price increase of more than 100%. At the time of this writing, the C98 token is trading around $1.70 with a market cap of around $300 million.

Coin98 Network

The Coin98 Network is a knowledge hub that provides a wealth of information and resources. Coin98 Insights provides regular updates, news and research covering various aspects of the broad blockchain industry. The network provides market overview using data-driven visualizations to aid informed decision making for DeFi and crypto trading. In addition, the network also provides technical analysis, industry insights and crypto news.

Coin98 Terminal

Coin98 Terminal features the MultiSend fiction, allowing users to send their tokens to multiple addresses. The token issuer allows easy creation of custom tokens across different blockchains.

Tokens can be issued in various forms. This includes Ethereum ERC-20, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20, Huobi ECO Chain HRC-20, TRON TRC-20 and Solana SPL token standards. The Coin98 terminal allows users to create their own token logos and write tokens.

What Makes Coin98 (C98) Unique?

While other DeFi projects explore cross-chain liquidity, they are generally limited to a handful of different blockchains. Coin98 has far surpassed the industry average by supporting more than 20 blockchains. This is made possible by Space Gate, an inter-chain bridge that enables swap and transfer between multiple networks. This one has already received several updates and is expected to see more improvements in the coming months.

Accessing so many different blockchains would be impossible without strategic partnerships. Coin98 collaborates in various capacities with Polygon, Terra, PancakeSwap, Avalanche, Elrond, Phantom and Band Protocol. Maintaining a dialogue with different blockchain ecosystems allows creating a bridge to leverage cross-chain liquidity and services.

With a future-proof web application and multi-chain native exchanges coming to the additional wallet, the team is focusing on making cryptocurrency and DeFi more accessible. Also available are the much-anticipated C98 token launch and staking support enhancements on multiple blockchains. By integrating more AMMs for liquidity and building additional cross-chain bridges, Coin98 could improve its overall ecosystem and draw more attention to DeFi projects on other blockchains.

Is Coin98 very popular?

Although Coin98 Finance’s official Twitter account has a relatively low number of followers, volume and user statistics suggest otherwise. With so much volume processed since the beginning of 2021, it is clear that cross-chain swaps and DeFi solutions are in high demand. Also, the Coin98 portfolio solution supports 11 blockchains, making it easy for users to see the total value and statistics of assets under one’s control. Plus, such tools can make it easier for users to access their portfolios without sharing their private keys. Besides, there seems to be a growing interest in bridge solutions that can unlock cross-chain support.

When will Coin98 (C98) trading begin?

As the team distributes tokens through the international exchange Launchpad, the project has already attracted more than 73,000 registered participants; this is an impressive amount for a project that most people might not have heard of until recently. As of July 23, 2021, the token is in the distribution phase. Coin98 trading will start after the sale, according to the announcement of this international exchange.

Can Coin98 (C98) hit $1?

The token price at the time of the C98 launch is $0.075. Currently, it is not possible to predict the price of the token as multiple factors are involved in predicting the price, including the circulating supply and interest of the market.

Coin98 Summary

In a nutshell, the Coin98 ecosystem is a DeFi hub that brings together many of the best decentralized exchange (DEX) protocols to provide a gateway to deep cross-chain liquidity. In addition, with a wide range of DeFi tools and services, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of borrowing, lending and liquidity protocols.

Through Coin98 Labs, the platform targets exciting new projects and provides resources to accelerate mass adoption of DeFi and cryptocurrency. Besides that, the project’s website is a hub for all things DeFi related. Users can leverage Coin98 staking facilities and collect liquidity from multiple sources. With the use of the Coin98 Wallet, users can easily make cross-chain token transfers without friction.

The cryptocurrency industry needs to cater to the needs and demands of novice users and audiences as well as advanced community members. Making a meaningful difference requires simple and easy solutions for everyone to access products and services.

What Coin98 (C98) has built and will continue to build could be a fundamental shift for the crypto and DeFi industry. Combining more than 20 blockchain and L2 scaling solutions under one roof makes it much easier to explore various opportunities. Additionally, it simplifies the way users exchange value between blockchains.

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