Do You Need a Lawyer When Setting Up a Business?

A beginning can be a very delicate time in the life of a business. There are certain kinds of expertise that you’ll want to hand from the very early stages. Legal expertise is among the most important of them. International law firms will help you to optimise your operations, and to avoid breaching your obligations.

But do you really need to consult with a lawyer to get a business off the ground? Let’s take a look at a few reasons to suppose so.


From the very start of your business, you’re going to be issuing standard-form contracts. These will allow you to make agreements with your staff, your customers, and your suppliers. The expertise of a lawyer will allow you to create contracts that can be depended on should you need to settle a dispute. A lawyer will also help you to understand the contents of any contracts that you’re presented with by other parties.

Your Premises

If you need a space in which to do business, then you’ll need to involve a lawyer. This applies whether you’re buying the space outright (in which case a competent conveyancer is a requirement) or if you’re leasing commercial space. Commercial rental agreements might seem as though they’re inflexible, but if your demands are reasonable there’s no reason that they can’t be amended. Doing so, naturally, will require the input of an expert lawyer to represent your interests.

Setting up Your Business

Do you want to incorporate? Are you going to be a limited-liability company, or operate as a sole trader, or form a partnership? There are myriad options available, each of them presenting their own benefits and risks. Your lawyer can help you to navigate the nuances, and help you to decide which is the best option for you.

Intellectual Property

If your business relies on the things that it creates, then you’ll need an intellectual property lawyer. This is an individual who will protect your IP, and pursue those perceived to be in breach of it. This is especially important for businesses whose entire value rests on ideas, rather than in material commodities and goods. If you come up with a new and revolutionary new way of vacuum-cleaning, then it won’t do you much good if a much larger company can simply lift your design wholesale and begin shipping it at a much lower cost. To fight this, you need an IP lawyer.

What Should I Look for in a Lawyer?

Your lawyer should have experience in their chosen field of law. They should have the interpersonal skills necessary to communicate legal matters to you in an actionable way. And they should be able to bring in other lawyers to help with specialist problems that go beyond their expertise – after all, no one lawyer can be expected to know everything.

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