Free Online Activities to Do While Travelling In the UK

Free Online Activities to Do While Travelling In the UK

If you regularly travel around the UK or are planning to go on holiday, then it’s always nice to have some entertainment lined up for your journey. Thanks to today’s technologies, we have never had so much free entertainment to choose from. But how do you get your head around all the options? And what activities can offer you the best rewards?  

Some travel for work, others for leisure. No matter where you are headed or what the purpose of your trip is, you will no doubt be spending time on trains, coaches, or even planes. Here are a few ideas for how to fill the time. 

1. Try online video games

There is a wealth of free video games you can play on iPhone, Android, tablet, and more. Have fun with simulation games where you can look after your farm, build a city with the Metropolis game or enjoy reinvented retro games as well as classics like Angry Bird. Some are simple, others are more advanced, there is, therefore, a game for every taste and every age group.

2. Play casino games with free spins and welcome bonuses
Many people think of casinos as an expensive activity best reserved for Saturday nights, but that is not the case at all – at least not if you play online. As a result of the many casino sites competing for players, you can shop around for free spins and welcome bonuses, meaning you could be playing your first games free of charge. To get an overview of what’s up for grabs and how you claim it, visit

3. Challenge yourself to a game of online chess

When you travel long distances, it’s nice to switch off from your everyday life, and there is no better way to do that with chess, a game that requires a wealth of concentration and strategic know-how. Rather than bringing your own chess board, you can practice your skills online and get yourself ready for online tournaments. Do it well and you could even win money, making it a rather fruitful hobby. 

4. Improve your literacy with Wordle

Wordle is presented as a bit of a brain teaser, a fun way to test your literacy skills on a daily level. The concept is simple: Each day you must guess a word from five letters, and you get six attempts to do it. This can be done online on a phone or laptop, and you will find plenty of people raving about it on Twitter.  It is considered the most trending word game right now. 

5. Have fun with bingo

If you value your old classics, then bingo could be one for you. Many casino sites offer bingo games as part of their portfolio, but if you don’t fancy playing for money there are also several other ways to enjoy the game – from virtual games to old-school online arcades. Google Play also offers exciting free bingo games. There are plenty of options. 

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