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How To Memorialize A Pet That’s Passed

One of the hardest things you will ever have to do as a pet parent is to deal with the death of a beloved animal companion. Grieving might be a natural process, but it does not make it any easier. Memorializing the life of your beloved pet that has passed is one of the best ways to deal with your grief.

Pet remembrances come in different formats. Here are 5 of the best ones:

1. Cremation

Cremation is currently one of the most popular ways to handle the remains of deceased pets. Owners can choose to keep their pets’ ashes to do with what they like. Pet ashes can be either buried or scattered on private land.

You will readily find pet grave markers online as well as from numerous pet crematories. Grave markers can even be customized with your pet’s life story or picture. You may opt to hold on to your pet’s ashes. Urns that fit any budget and taste can be found online or from most pet crematories.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry can be a great way to keep pet memorials with you while on the move. Any piece of jewelry can act as a remembrance, but some can actually be made specifically to memorialize your pet. Check out Etsy to get an idea of the currently available types of pet remembrance jewelry. Buying a pendant that can be filled with a small amount of your pet’s ashes is yet another option.

If you want something that’s on a grander scale, you may consider having your pet’s ashes turned into a diamond that you can then have set in your preferred jewelry. Keep in mind that this option isn’t cheap, but is a truly lovely memorial to your loved one.

3. Plantings

Plantings such as flowers, shrubs, or trees can be a great way to honor your pet’s life. If possible, try selecting a plant that somehow reminds you of your pet. If your dog had white fur, for example, you may consider planting a tree that produces white flowers in the spring.

If you are still looking for a suitable resting place for your pet’s ashes, you may scatter them in the memorial flower garden or the hole that you have dug for the remembrance tree.

4. Paw Prints

It can be very meaningful to be able to look at your pet’s paw print after they have passed. Paw prints can be made either when the pet is still alive or after their passing. Veterinarians will offer to make a paw print for you as part of the euthanasia service. Clay is often used to make paw prints, but ink on paper can be a great option too.

5. Portrait

A lovely way to remember your pet is with a portrait. A custom pet portrait can be completed while your pet is alive or after they have passed as the artist will create the portrait from a photograph. Often artists will meet a pet that they are drawing or painting so that they can understand and capture their personality.

6. Donation

Donating in honor of your pet to the charity of your choice is perhaps the easiest and most expressive way to memorialize your pet. Charities that help animals are obviously the right fit, but there’s no reason for you not to think outside the box. Read more about pets on Pawww.

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