How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Vegas

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Vegas
There isn’t a person on Earth who wouldn’t enjoy a Vegas vacation

For some of us planning a holiday is the most exciting part. Trawling through restaurant reviews, flicking through pictures of hotel bathrooms and learning the route from the airport fills us with the joy of possibility. However, for the rest of us, we just wish that someone else would do the planning so that we can just arrive and get on with it. If you fit into the latter group then we’ve got great news for you. Your next vacation is to Vegas and we’ve planned it all out for you.

Where to Stay

Picking a place to stay is going to be your number one consideration for this vacation. Las Vegas boasts a huge number of casinos and almost all of them are attached to a hotel. If you’re going to Vegas then you’re going to be spending a fair chunk of your time in the casino, so it makes sense to stay at a hotel that’s attached to the one that you like the most. If you love the Wynn, for example, then book to stay there. With most hotels you’ll get perks for spending time in the casino, so you could end up saving yourself a chunk of change, as well as a whole load of taxi fairs from traveling from place to place. It’s worth bearing in mind that there’s always something going on in Vegas and it can affect how easy it is to book a hotel room. The WSOP is coming up this year and promises to be a huge event, so rooms at the Rio are likely to be hard to come by. Have a quick scout of events going on at your casinos of choice and pick the one with the emptiest schedule, rooms are likely to be cheaper and you won’t have to share the facilities with nearly as many other guests.

Where to Eat

Anyone who plans a trip to the USA should start off with a list of the things they want to eat. America is famous for its bigger is better attitude, but nowhere does it quite as big as Vegas does. Las Vegas buffets are famous the world over and for good reason, they are absolutely ridiculous. Your hotel may very well do a buffet, but if you want to venture out then there are a few that stand out above the rest. Caesar’s Palace does the Bacchanal Buffet, which was rated by USA Today as the very best in Vegas. This buffet is slightly different to the pre-cooked mountains that you might be used to, as the vast majority of dishes are cooked to order by highly skilled chefs.

What to See

There is so much to see in Vegas that getting around all of it would be just impossible. However, if you want to tick some Vegas tourist hotspots off your list then we have got you covered. First up, whether you’re staying at the Bellagio or not, you should make some time to go and see the incredible fountains. The light and fountain show runs every thirty minutes, so whenever you’re nearby it is good to go. It wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas without walking down the strip and the best thing is, it’s totally free. However, if you want to make your trip even more memorable then you can zipwire along the length of the strip. This is a hilarious way to see Vegas from the sky which adrenaline junkies will love.

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