How to Utilize Hulu Content Badges for Perfect Entertainment!

How to Utilize Hulu Content Badges for Perfect Entertainment!

Hulu is an excellent video streaming platform in an online environment. It offers a wide range of outstanding movies and hundreds of award-winning TV shows from a variety of genres. However, deciding which TV episodes and movies to watch from its vast library may prove difficult for any of us.

Hulu uses content badges to entice binge-watchers by restricting entertainment to meet one’s interest and streaming demands, avoiding this confusion. You can utilize Hulu content badges to see preferred Tv shows and movies without being stuck into clutter of vdieos.

Besides this, if you are shaking your head “how to watch Hulu outside the United States.” This article is a perfect match for your streaming need because you will exactly learn the Hulu unblocking technique to expand your entertainment horizons.

How to Unblock Hulu Outside the United States?

Hulu is an American streaming service with exclusive rights to distribute its content in the United States. It is a major pain for all viewers and binge-watchers, whether you’re an American Hulu user attempting to watch your content from a different country or someone who lives somewhere else like in the UK.

It means, if such streamers will try to open the Hulu TV shows/movies outside the United States, the service’s geo-blocking can make it nearly impossible. Stay chill, You can access the Hulu entire library in UK by using a VPN connection. It is the best way to get rid of Hulu’s geo-blocking algorithms. 

So, if you want to watch Hulu in the UK or other countries, simply connect one of your online VPN server locations to the United States and start enjoying the desired Hulu content from any corner of the world. Does it sound exciting to you?

Utilizing Hulu Content Badges

Hulu is more than streaming that enhance overall binge-watching experience. It has various useful features, such as content badges, the add-ons with Hulu, live TV streaming, and others, that appeal to all types of streamers and binge-watchers in the world.  

Hulu also employs content badges to separate its titles and make it more convenient for consumers according to their viewing interests. Undoubtedly, one must know how to utilize Hulu content badges to narrow down the video service for perfect entertainment.

The provider offers six different types of content badges so people can retrieve excellent streaming experience that perfectly match with their streaming needs. Let’s indulge into knowing how to utilize content badges and what are these. 

1. Utilze Badge for a “New Episode”

After watching the first episode of a hit TV show, most of us frequently fall in love with such a TV series. We all cannot afford to miss its single episode when it turns to next. In such situations, utilizing the Hulu badge for a new episode can be extremely useful and achieve felicity.

You will see a badge with “New” wording on the content whenever a new episode airs on television and is accessible to view on Hulu, indicating that it is a brand-new episode. Such badges will appear till you have watched the new episodes or it’s been a week or seven days since they first aire

2. Utilize Hulu “Expire” badge

Preparing a list of your favorite content that will be expiring soon is always a good idea because you can watch them before they depart from the Hulu platform. It works like the helpers, “Expire” badges continuously telling you how many days you have left before they are deleted.

3.  Keep an Eye on Liked Content by Utlizing the Hulu “UnWatched” Badge

It is the best technique to stay away from cluttered programs. You can keep an eye on favorite videos by utilizing the Hulu “Unwatched” badge. The “Unwatched” is one of the most effective Hulu badges for identifying videos you have added to “My Stuff” but have yet to see. 

It also tells you how many episodes you have left to watch. If your unwatched episode count appears to be inaccurate, pick up where you left off, and the number should correct itself as time goes on. Therefore, you can smartly improve your binge-watching session for killer entertainment.

4.  Find 4K/HDR Streaming Videos by Utilizing “Audio/Video” badge

Hulu’s badge system has been enhanced with “Audio/Video” upgrades. It makes it simple for binge-watchers to find 4k and HDR streaming material for all of Hulu’s popular movies and TV shows. For example, suppose a movie or show is compatible with 5.1 surround sound.

You can say, if it is accessible to watch in 4K Ultra High-Definition quality. In that case, badges denoting the premium audio or visual compatibility will now appear on the title page. It will notify you clearly the print quality of such titles.

5. Utilize Hulu “Live” Badge When it comes in Action

It is one of the worthy features of American service to stay connected with all live events and shows on the Hulu site with Live TV streaming. Subscribers to Hulu Plus Live T.V. streaming, which includes more than 75 channels, will see the “Live” badge. 

The “Live” label will appear on the video title when a show is going live. In this way, you can catch all your live streaming whether it is an award show, sports event, live baking show, a talk show or any other live coverage under Hulu channels. 

Furtehrmore, you will see an “Upcoming Clock” icon, which indicates that a specific show will be available on Hulu soon so you can plan your time and grab some favorite mucnhies and popcorns to create an unforgettable watching session.

6. Utilize Feedback about Hulu badges

Hulu always encouraged its viewers to suggest its valuable badges for improvement. Their technical staff enjoys constructive criticism and take serious action on suggestions. They also welcome you to visit the Hulu community’s ideas forum to keep up with their latest announcements. 

If you wish to contribute or suggest anything noteworthy, you may always send it to Hulu, which welcomes fresh ideas with open arms.

Wrapping Up

Hulu’s excellent features make it a unique video streaming service among other popular streaming choices for availing perfect entertainment.

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