Steve Harvey: The Charismatic Host Of Family Feud

Steve Harvey is one of the most popular people to appear on American television. As the host of the super hit show Family Feud, Steve Harvey has become a household name in America. Through YouTube, Steve Harvey has become popular worldwide as well. In this post, we will find out more about Steve Harvey. Let’s get started.

Steve Harvey: All You Need To Know

Who is Steve Harvey?

American Steve Harvey is a fairly well-known personality in his country and abroad. This is a creative person who has not settled on one profession; the man is known as a talented actor, comedian, musician and writer. He went from a stand-up comedian to a radio presenter and a screenwriter for a film based on his book.

When was Steve Harvey born?

Steve was born on January 17, 1957 in West Virginia, USA, where the initial years of his life were spent. His mother’s name is Eloise, and his father’s name is Jesse. He worked in a mine.

What was Steve Harvey’s first job?

Steve Harvey graduated from school in Cleveland, Ohio, where he had previously moved with his parents. For some time, he worked as an insurance agent and then worked part-time in the professional ring and tried to build a career as a boxer. Speaking about his career, Steve Harvey said: “I had, like, 11 jobs. I’ve been fired 11 times! ‘Cause I’m not cut for that. You know, I was a great employee, man. Everybody loved me coming to work – I’m singing, tellin’ jokes on the assembly line. I was miserable, man. I was dying. I was dying.”

How did Steve Harvey start his entertainment career?

In the mid-1980s, Steve Harvey first began performing as a comedian. Steve worked in this direction for about 10 years, and he was noticed. This brought the artist a starring role in the ABC film Me and the Boys. Then the man began to regularly appear on screens until he finally retrained as a comedian on the program “The Steve Harvey Show.”


In 1997, he and the participants of the Kings of Comedy show went on tour with a new entertainment program. Subsequently, the project of four comedians formed the basis of Spike Lee’s comedy film “The Real Kings of Comedy”, where, along with Steve, Darryl Lynn Hughley, Bernie Mac and Cedric Antonio Kyles shared the laurels of fame.

After the release of this film, Harvey’s popularity soared even higher, and his success was reinforced by a documentary film about the comedian, the book he wrote “Steve Harvey’s Big Time” and the presented music album. The artist recorded songs for him at his own studio in the genres of rhythm and blues and hip-hop.

In 2003, the man was invited to the comedy “Fighting Temptation”, and 2 years later he participated in the voiceover of the cartoon “Crazy Races”. He also began hosting his “Steve Harvey Show” on the radio.

2009 brought the artist work in the film Madea in Prison, and a year later, instead of John O’Hurley, he began hosting the television show Family Feud. In 2012, he played a character in the film “Think Like a Man,” and 3 years later he appeared in the “Miss Universe” show, where instead of the Philippines he named Colombia as the winning country. Now the celebrity appears less often in films, but still appears on television screens as a guest of entertainment shows, most notably Family Feud. 

Here is a list of all the movies Steve Harvey has appeared in:

  • The Real Kings of Comedy
  • Fighting Temptations
  • Love doesn’t cost anything
  • Dancing the Streets
  • Johnsons’ Vacation
  • Madea in Prison
  • Think like a man

How many children does Steve Harvey have?

Steve has more than one marriage behind him. The first wife, with whom he built a personal life, gave Harvey three children – twin girls Carly and Brandy and son Broderick. The actor was unable to maintain a relationship with the woman, and the couple broke up.

His second wife was Mary Lee Harvey, who gave birth to a son, Winton. Their marriage ended after 17 years together. After the separation, they were unable to maintain a warm relationship, as Mary began to sue her ex-husband in the hope of getting part of his business and child support.

Harvey entered into his third marriage in 2007, this time his chosen one was Marjorie Bridges-Woods, viewers know her from several films in which the woman appeared with her husband.

Speaking about women, Steve Harvey said: “Women are the real reason we get up every day. I’m talking about real men. If there were no women, I would not even have to bathe, because why would I care? These are the guys I’m hanging with. I wake up for a woman every day of my life to make it happen for her.”

What is Steve Harvey doing now?

The artist still hosts his own program “The Steve Harvey Show”, photos and short videos from which he regularly publishes on Instagram. It is in demand among fans of humorous programs, and each episode receives a lot of positive reviews.

In 2019, Harvey appeared on the screens in the series “Lorena”, where he played himself. He only appeared in one episode. And in the spring of the same year, Steve presented to readers his bestselling psychology book “Leap of Faith. Take risks to achieve the maximum.” Here are some other books that Steve Harvey has written:

  • Act like a woman, think like a man
  • You don’t know anything about men
  • Dream like a woman, win like a man
  • The most important slap in life, or Revelations of a man who turns words into money.

Steve Harvey is one of the most popular figures in American showbiz today. However, it wasn’t always the case with him. He has struggled a lot throughout his life and has some wonderful words of wisdom to share as well. Steve Harvey said this about failure: “Failure is a great teacher, and I think when you make mistakes and you recover from them and you treat them as valuable learning experiences, then you’ve got something to share.”

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