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In A Long-Distance Relationship? 9 Virtual V-Day Date Ideas to Make it Extra Special

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Away from your partner this valentine’s and wondering how to make it special? We’ve got you!

Since you are far apart, you are restricted to what you can do, but you have to keep the romance and excitement alive. People have gone a long way in their relationships many times now. Phone calls, emails and texts are fantastic, but often you need to change them to keep them interesting.

The sweetest season of the year is here. For all the couples who are wondering how to make this day special, we have compiled a list of 9 amazing virtual date ideas.

1. Virtual dinner date

Arrange for some dinner or cook it yourself, set the mood with some slow music and wine and connect on facetime. Make sure to put in the efforts to dress up for each other. To end the beautiful date, surprise your partner by getting their favourite desserts delivered at their place. What’s more wholesome than this?

2. Have a movie night together

There is indeed a range of ways to watch a movie with your partner, owing to tech experts committed to improving our lives during the lockdown, without any weird manoeuvre always trying to click play at the very exact time. Netflix Party is a chrome plugin that allows users to stream any TV show or movie on the subscription service, and the BBC has launched its own BBC Together service to stream anything from iPlayer as well.

3. Strengthen your bond

You should try and play ‘We are Not Rea, a “purpose-driven” strategy game intended to help you create deeper relationships if you feel adventurous.

Each card that you draw comes with a unique question or suggestion to lead the conversation, and the discussion is bound to get deep with three levels of cards aimed at helping you feel closer with each round, speedily.

4. Mail a care package

Curate a box of some top-rated skin care products and shower essentials, and mail it over to each other. For this valentine’s date idea, you can connect with your partner on a video call and enjoy wholesome skincare, pamper yourselves, have some drinks, listen to good music and let go of all the stress. This activity can be so much fun and relaxing at the same time. 

5. Get Creative!

Pick up your materials for crafting and get that imagination going. Trying to paint on canvas, moulding with clay, or decorating a simple box or picture book may be your ideal creative date. For cute DIY project ideas that you both will love, you could even turn to Pinterest. You can make something for each other on a video call and get it delivered to one another later. If DIY is not your thing, do a fast Google virtual sip search and play lessons. Figure one that you like and build a masterpiece.

6. Cook a meal together

Choose a recipe which you both have never attempted before and then get started. You can also try a DIY meal kit if you want a full restaurant feel or attend a private virtual cooking class. Not just do you get to spend a little time together to have a chuckle when someone eventually messes up, but at the very same time, your meal will be ready, ensuring you will be able to just sit and then have a more traditional date.

7. Answer the 36 questions

Dive right into the deep end by enjoying the 36-question game, and putting science to something like the test. The 36 questions are split up into three types depending on research by psychologist Arthur Aron (as well as others) and get even more personal steadily. They were intended to test whether it is possible to speed up intimacy between two strangers once you ask personal questions.

8. Try gaming

By playing online games with your partner, let your competitive spirit run wild. You can play a variety of your fun online games, like Animal Crossing (you can visit one another’s islands, it is extremely cute) and Mario Kart, if you both have a gaming console like a Nintendo Switch. If you don’t, download an app that both of you like to jump into multiplayer mode.

9. Take a video of your daily life

A video diary can be a significant gift for partners who live very separate lifestyles, or those that have not spent a lot of time with each other’s respective communities. Use your phone to film a video of a day in your life and show what your schedule looks like to your partner. Take them on a neighbourhood tour, hit all of the highlights like a personalised promo video to think of it and watch it together over FaceTime. Be sure to sign off towards the end with a caring speech, really to seal the deal. 

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