In the Zone: Creating Atmosphere When Gaming

Video gaming can be an incredibly popular way for people to spend their free time. Some may be classed as casual gamers, who like to play every once in a while. Others may be far more hardcore, spending the majority of their time outside of work on a console or computer. Certain people might even turn it into a moneymaking opportunity, entering tournaments or competing in e-sports. Whichever category you fall into, it can be good to create an engaging atmosphere while you play your game of choice.

The correct lighting

Having the main lights on in your room can prevent you from seeing your game correctly, especially if the light shines off of your television or monitor. Likewise, having no lights on in the room could greatly affect your eyes. A solution for this could be to use RGB LED lighting around the room. This can enable you to have low level lighting, in a colour of your choice. That way, you may still have enough light to be able to game properly, without it affecting how you play. This could also set the scene, especially through the use of colours, to match what you plan to play. You could opt to use a red for any dungeons, or green for landscapes and forest settings.

Use glasses

Those who already have an eye prescription might already be used to wearing glasses. This can be important when playing games, especially when you really need to concentrate. However, those who have near-perfect vision could also benefit from some glasses while playing. Unlike regular glasses, gaming glasses may not need to be used with a prescription, unless you want them to. Instead, they can help to block some of the blue light from reaching your eyes. When you want to be able to game for hours at a time, you may not want to have to deal with sore, itchy eyes, or even headaches associated with eye strain. Wearing these shouldn’t affect what you see on the screen, making them ideal. After all, you can’t have a good atmosphere for your games if you don’t look after your own needs as well.

Use a headset

There can be a number of benefits to using a gaming headset while you play. This means that any sound goes directly to your ears, rather than out of the television or speakers. That can be a welcome relief for others in your house who may not want to listen to it. Headsets can allow you to speak to your teammates, and even give you more of a surround sound feel. This means that, should an enemy approach, you may be able to hear which direction they’re coming from, giving you more of a chance of survival. Likewise, this can also create more of an immersive experience, making you feel like you’re really in the game.

Considering sound and sight can be important when creating a gaming atmosphere. By looking after your own needs, as well as those associated with play, you may have more fun the next time you game.

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