MONOPOLY Big Baller Overview (Evolution)

Evolution recently launched a new game for the casino online industry, and it is a bingo-style live game show based on the world-renowned board game. The MONOPOLY Big Baller offers automated ball draws hosted by a real person.

The game is a new venture to advance augmented reality. As a bingo game, Evolution ups the ante by giving players a chance to win multipliers for higher payouts.

The game involves dice, and the company took several components of the original board game. Some of these are the “Chance” feature and “Free Space” cards. There are also spaces where the player will land on “Go to Jail.”

Since it is a bingo game, players have cards. Bouncing balls would pop out of the drawing machine, and the players need to mark their cards. If the players complete winning lines, they get a payout. If a player manages to make more lines, he gets to win higher prizes. 

One thing Evolution did to spice up the game is the addition of Bonus Games. Here, MR. MONOPOLY himself appears in 3D and walks on the virtual game board. He will assist players. If he ever passes “GO,” the prizes on the board will be doubled.

The Chief Product Officer of the company, Todd Haushalter, said that the board game is such a big brand that it is something that people from around the world understand. The Big Baller game brings value to the gambling industry as it appeals not only to the fans of the game but also to those who love bingo and lottery.

How Does the MONOPOLY Big Baller Work?

The game is a show where a host facilitates the draw of the balls. There are two types of cards that a player can have. These cards are:

  • Free Space cards – these are green cards with a green arrow.
  • Chance cards – these are orange cards with a question mark symbol.

Each card has 25 random numbers, like a bingo card. There are five rows and then five columns on the card. The player can switch a card between these two types. So, if you have a Chance card, you can convert it to a Free Space card anytime. To do this, there is a toggle switch at the bottom right of the card, which you have to move if you want to switch the card type.

Free Space cards give players a higher chance to make a bingo line. Chance cards, on the other hand, guarantee multipliers. However, Chance cards are less likely to make a winning bingo line.

There are three types of multipliers in the game, and these are:

  • Standard multiplier
  • Line multiplier
  • Global multiplier.

To place bets, you have to drag a chip to the cards you have, and then these cards will randomly generate numbers from 1 to 60 to fill up the 25 slots.

Once the betting time is over, Mr. MONOPOLY, the real human host, will pull a lever. What happens next is that the algorithm will put random multipliers in your cards. You will also get random red dots. These dots act as draw numbers and as free spaces.

Then, the draw commences. Here, the machine will draw 20 balls out of the 60 that were in there. What it means is that no number will get duplicated. You win if you complete one or more lines on your card.

If you want to win more, you can bet on the Bonus Game. Here, there are two cards on the right panel of your screen. One card says 3 Rolls, and the other says 5 Rolls. You can place a bet on these cards so you can participate in the bonus game.

These two cards have numbers, too. If all the numbers on these cards were drawn, the bonus game starts. Here, you will roll the dice and MR. MONOPOLY, the virtual one, will walk on the virtual MONOPOLY board. He will land on a property, and then you get the prize on that property. Each property on the board has a 2x multiplier of your bet on the bonus cards.

If MR. MONOPOLY lands on Income Tax, your bonus win will get reduced by 10%. There is also a part of the board that says Supertax, where your win will get reduced by 20%. All prizes will get doubled if Mr. MONOPOLY passes on GO.

Now, if MR. MONOPOLY lands on Chance or Community Chest, you will get a random cash prize. However, you may also get a fee — which is a reduction of your winnings. If you are that lucky, you will get another dice roll if you manage to land a double on your first roll.

Where to Play MONOPOLY Big Baller

The game is now available in many online casinos in a partnership or working relationship with Evolution. The game launched on August 10, 2022. The game’s RTP is 96.10%. The company has made the game so exciting and worth it because of the bonus rounds and the multipliers.

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