The Biggest Irish Betting Events of the Year

The most popular gambling activity in Ireland is undoubtedly sports betting. And when the Irish want to place a bet, 60% rely on the Internet with their favourite online bookie to wager on popular sporting events.

The Irish people bet on mainstream sports in massive numbers, but most of the world does not know that they also bet on their native, homegrown sports. Even though rugby and football are prominent in the Irish betting industry, those sports share the spotlight with Gaelic football and hurling as two more sporting events popularized in the country.

Should I Bet on Horse Races or Another Sport?

The sport you choose depends on your personal preferences and knowledge of the game. The more knowledgeable you are about your favorite sport, the better your odds of accurately predicting the game’s outcome.

For example, with typical football wagering, there are only three possible outcomes:

  1. Home Win
  2. Draw
  3. Away Win

Thoroughly understand the game of football, then you have a greater chance of predicting a correct outcome because the probabilities are so few.

With horse racing, you’re faced with many more probabilities based on the number of horses in the race. The chances of picking a winning horse are lower than choosing a winning football team; therefore, bookmakers price horse races differently than a football game. Consequently, you stand a good chance of receiving better odds if you pick the winning animal.

Major Horse Racing Events

It’s possible to win large cash prizes backing horses. Still, you’ll have to work hard to understand the sport and each event, consistently exercising discipline and patience to win over time.

You must do several things to increase your chances of winning at horse race betting. They include studying each animal and their form participating in the race, determining which ones stand the best chance of coming out as a winner, and weighing whether the available odds on those horses represent a reasonable risk.

Your primary advantage over racing betting sites is that they are forced to book odds on every race, whereas you’re not obligated to bet on every race. Your objective is to wait until the odds are stacked in your favour for betting to improve your chances of winning more than you lose. Some of the most significant horse racing events in Ireland and the UK include:

  • Cheltenham Offers IE
  • Cheltenham Offers UK
  • Epsom Derby GB
  • Epsom Derby IE
  • Grand National Offers IE
  • Grand National Offers UK
  • Irish Grand National IE
  • Irish Grand National UK
  • Punchestown Offers IE
  • Punchestown Offers UK
  • Royal Ascot Offers GB
  • Royal Ascot Offers IE

Golf Betting Events

Golf occupies a prominent spot in the world of sports in Ireland. It isn’t as popular as rugby or football, but it has been widely popular in the country for centuries and continues to enjoy widespread popularity today.

Like almost all sports in Ireland, golf supports a large market for wagering on golfing events. You may find that you can make money on events of all sizes, from the biggest to the smallest. Some of the major golfing events include:

  • Ireland Men’s Golfing Championships
  • Irish Open
  • Irish PGA Championship

Football Events

This list would be incomplete without covering the popularity of football in Ireland, being that it is without question the sport that is most wagered on in the country. There are over 1 billion fans that follow the Premier League of the 11 men per side teams.

The Irish National Squad plays against the UEFA Nations League in 2023 with their Group B1 in League B, consisting of Armenia, Scotland, and Ukraine (assuming that Russia doesn’t overrun Ukraine).


Boxing and rugby are hugely popular sports, but Irish bettors who prefer to avoid sports betting can also bet on political or television series. It’s well-known that the iris would bid on just about anything.






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