Famous Gaming Tournaments Held Around The World

Famous Gaming Tournaments Held Around The World

Playing a game is fun, but watching someone play can be even more joyful. The fastest-growing kind of competition in the globe is CAEsports. It brings together professionals, novices, and die-hard fans for some of the most exciting competitive games ever created.

Whether you prefer games like FPS that require pinpoint accuracy, MOBA games that place a premium on wits and strategy, or online roulette games, there’s a tournament for you to participate in or watch.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on a ticket, most events have excellent coverage through streaming services. Let’s look at some major eSports tournaments for the most popular and well-known games and when and where you could watch them. Here are some fantastic gaming competitions and information on how to view them.

The International

The International is an annual event hosted by Valve in August that displays the top Dota 2 skill. It’s the ideal competition to watch for folks who enjoy MOBAs and are intrigued about Dota 2 yet have a little exposure to League of Legends.

Not only is the tournament broadcasted on StreamTV and Twitch, but if you already have Dota 2 installed, you can also watch the game from the perspective of a player or freely walk about the map. It’s available for no cost (free), as Dota 2 has always been.

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA is one of the most iconic and recognized sports in gaming history, releasing a new version every year. It’s no surprise that it has its tournament dedicated to it. According to Guinness World Records, the tournament is notable for being the world’s largest eSports event.

Annually, this tournament is held, and it’s open to everyone. Furthermore, the entire show is available for viewing on YouTube and Twitch. The FIFA eWorld Cup was shown on television, a rare achievement for an eSports tournament.

Call Of Duty League

For Call of Duty fans, there’s something new on the horizon. Due to the cancellation of the last Call of Duty World League, a brand new competition will begin this year, pitting five players against five in installing the game’s Modern Warfare.

Because teams are headquartered in different cities worldwide, games will be held in various places depending on the team hosting. The matches have traditionally been broadcast live on the MLG site. They’re also available to watch on Twitch.

Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite, the real king of the battle royale games, deserves an international tournament. The World Cup is held yearly, beginning in April and ending in July. The competition recognizes not only individual winners but also squads, duos, and celebrity Pro-Ams.

Only the finals are broadcasted live on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Also, fans or players of Fortnite can view live games, which is really convenient.

The Evolution Championship Series

This event, also known as Evo, is perfect for anyone who loves fighting games. This game is also open to everyone, not just professional players, which is why it’s grown into a huge worldwide event.

Mortal Kombat 11, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Soulcalibur VI, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7 were among the titles released in 2019, so there’s something for everyone. The tournament will begin in August and will be broadcasted on Twitch, where various Evo channels will be available.

The eSport World Convention

The eSports World Convention is an excellent choice for the best gaming experience. It’s not a one-game tournament like many others, which the game makers themselves usually arrange. After local qualifications are finished, several gamers will compete in final tournaments at this event in France.

A team from each participating country will attend the convention. PUBG, League Of Legends, Clash Of The Titans, CS:GO, and even Fortnite, are among the games available. Games will be broadcasted on both the convention’s website and Twitch. It’s a fantastic option for Europeans who want to attend a tournament but can’t afford to fly to North Asia or America.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is relatively new that started in 2018, with many teams stationed in various cities. Soon we will see home games from various locations worldwide, allowing individuals to travel to the closest location they can afford.

If you want to watch Overwatch and can’t buy the tickets, the games are regularly broadcasted on the Overwatch League Twitch account. The MLG site will have its stream for League’s games, and some will be shown on North American television.

Intel Extreme Masters

Intel is a major player in the gaming industry, so each year, a sponsored, special eSports event with multiple tournaments is hosted in a different location around the world. Intel Extreme Masters, one of the longest-running tournaments, offers several categories in its tournaments: There’s League Of Legends, Starcraft II, and CS:GO, to name a few.

To view these tournament games, go to their website and search for their broadcasts, or go to YouTube and look for them. The event is also broadcasted on Twitch by a few ESL gaming channels, so you have a few options depending on your preference.

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